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♫ FT Island - 지독하게 (Severely)

It's hard to believe that the first half of my mid-semester break is gone! Before I start hyperventilating from all the stuff I'm supposed to do but haven't gotten around to doing, I thought I should post something here first. You know, so that it'll be one thing off my mind. Lies, all lies! Excuses!

Warning: Picspam ahead. Proceed with caution.

This dinner has been almost 4 years in the making, I kid you not. We've been waiting to try Nicole's cooking ever since foundation year, and now we're in our final semester! O_O Not complaining though - her cooking is seriously awesomely fantastically delicious! Good food with good friends, what else can one ask for? :)
Good food, good company. Cheers!

Isetan finally opened its doors in 1 Utama! Of course I had to go and scout it out, the week it opened. It's smaller compared to the others in KL, but who cares? It's Isetan - I can always find something to buy there. For example, an iPhone casing that looks so much like a vintage camera, that a lot of people actually asked me if it was a real camera. :P This looks soooo much better than the pasar malam version, I can't even begin to describe its awesomeness.
This is what I call a real camera phone. Or iPhone.

And then I saw the rainbow cakes from Bisou and was like +_____+ "I MUST BUY THESE TO EAT!" So buy them I did and had them for tea at home the next day.
This was me... in front of the cake display.
Most colourful tea-time I ever had.

Friends and I attended the Taylor's Career and Employment Fair 2012 because it was compulsory attendance a good chance to get internships and meet future employers. The fair turned out to be pretty helpful in our search, and it was quite fun as well. :) Not to mention the Hilton booth was giving out free cupcakes! (There were even gold flakes on it. Oooh, shiny!)

About a week back, a stray kitten showed up in the garden. These days, it has the run of the front porch and garden, and sits meowing at the front door until somebody (usually me) feeds it. I don't know if it adopted us or we adopted it. =/ It's a very naughty but cute kitty though.♥
Don't be fooled by her cute, innocent looks - this one's a mini predator-in-training.

I'm really picky about the phone casings I use, so I stay away from the usual ones you see in shops or at the pasar malam. I seem to have a thing for accessories with angelic wings though, and haven't seen anybody using this particular casing before. Ordered this iPhone casing a few weeks back, and it finally arrived! It looks even better than in the photos, and the 3D wings actually make it so much easier to hold the phone, especially when taking photos. The wings enable it to stand upright too. :P
Wings. Yup.

Of course, what's life without some good food, eh? Got sorta lost in Hulu Langat while dad was trying to find a 铁打 traditional Chinese massage(?) place, but we managed to stumble across something just as good - an honest-to-goodness Thai restaurant complete with vegetable and fish farm! The food was delicious indeed, and we were lucky enough to see people filming a food show or something there at the time. :D
Great view from our table.
The deep-fried spinach, grilled lamb and tom yum soup were my favourites!

After a good lunch, dad decided to try looking for the place once again. We found it, just a short distance away. Serendipity? ;)
The boards/plaques looked like they belong in a martial arts film. :P

And finally....
I can't help but think that some, or maybe most, fitting rooms are designed to trick you into thinking that the clothes you try on actually look good on you. Hands up if you're guilty of at least ONE purchase that made you think "It looks completely different than when I tried it on at the store!".
No, I didn't buy these. I was only trying them on for fun because I'm broke.
If you still don't believe me, go and read this article on dressing room deception.


Koh Kian Fai said...

aww, I miss going Fish Farm Thai :) hahaha

chiwayu said...

nice~~!!! i love ur iphone casing XDXD

LauraLeia said...

KKF: The food is really good~ :D

wayu: Hehe~ Thanks wayu~~ ^^

Mandarin 1 2 3 said...

The cake ! T_T

Unknown said...

All the food looks SO YUMMY~ Nom nom!

I love hanging out with my friends. I swear, food tastes better when you eat it with the people you love.

Aww kitty! So cute. I absolutely love animals!

IceCreamBun said...

Believe me, I'm one of those who would do that in dressing rooms and not buying any...

at least, I get to choose later which one suits me better.. LOL!!!

LauraLeia said...

Maii: *puking rainbows* right? XD lol

Mr Lonely: Thank you for dropping by! :)

Nancy: I totally agree! Food is always better in good company! :D

IceCreamBun: Hahaha, i know right! Sometimes just trying out clothes can cure the 'itch' to buy clothes, lol.