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If you're a follower of my Facebook page, you probably know that I've ordered some new, fun-coloured contact lens last week. :) Why? Well, I'm one of the 30 bloggers selected by Plusizekitten to review the Freshlook Colorblends from MrLens!

I can't wait for my lenses to arrive so I can take them for a 'test drive' (lol). I wear circle lenses on an almost daily basis, and it's a big part of my makeup routine, so I'm really glad to get the opportunity to try these out.

A review will be coming up soon, so stay tuned to my updates! Can you guess which colours I've chosen? ;)


x-Fatalove said...

Umm.. Brown/Honey?

I use to wear these contacts in the color Honey. They were the most uncomfortable contacts I have ever tried out. They would dry out my eyes pretty badly & blur my vision 90% of the time. I had to stop using them. The color was very pretty & vibrant though. I hope they work out for you! Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Congrats!Looking forward to seeing which you chose~

Kimberly said...

I wished I can try out colour lenses but I have astig and only astig, most colour lenses do not have astig powered lenses. oh well. good for you though =)

M. said...

I would surely like to see the ones you have picked:)