Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012

♫ A-Lin 黄丽玲 - 给我一个理由忘记

14 April 2012 was definitely a memorable Saturday night, thanks to the Tiger Beer-sponsored Asian Music Festival (AMF) 2012 held in Sunway Lagoon. The event was strictly 18 and above, non-Muslims only. I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from SyingK's blog, so I invited Ruth to go with me (because she's one of the few people who actually know all the artistes in the lineup and can sing some, if not most, of their songs). XD

Our free standing TAMF tickets.
I seriously did not realize and appreciate how precious this pair of tickets was until I finally got there. I'll tell you why in a minute. (Actually, I could first tell you a very long and boring grandmother story about how it was raining and we went to buy raincoats only to find it had stopped... etc etc. But I'll be nice and spare you the gory boring details since it's gonna be a long narrative next anyway.)

(Photo taken from LowYat.net)
See the first photo? That's our tickets. It's a complimentary ticket, hence the RM0.00 tag, but it's actually worth RM118. Compared to the colourful blue and yellow exclusive pass above, it looks kinda shabby, right? WRONG.

At first, we queued up at the main entrance with a whole bunch of people holding the exclusive passes, so we felt weird and walked to the right side, and waddaya know, there was a special lane for VIP and RM118 ticket holders. So we breezed through w/o having to queue and had paper wristbands attached. YAY#1 Then we followed the crowd all the way to the Surf Beach and felt kinda lost coz the place was huge and there were fire-eaters performing there or something. O_O

Escalator was packed like sardine going down to Lagoon.
Tiger Beer standees leading the way to the event.
Once again we followed the crowd and went into an area which was a distance away from the stages (there were 2 linked stages). We saw there was another area in front of the stage separated from where we were standing, so we assumed that it was the VIP area. FML#1

So far from the stage :(
It was still bright and there weren't many people crowding for places, so we just walked around and people-watched. I noticed most of the people were holding the exclusive passes so we decided to go and ask the Tiger staff if we were in the right area. Out we went, and the guy guarding the media tent we asked told us to go through the area on the left (where we just came out from). FML#2

Back we went, but I still had the nagging suspicion that we were in the wrong area. Plus this time I noticed that nobody else was wearing the wristband like us. So I very buay kam guan (unsatisfied) went out again and this time, we walked all the way over to the right side of the beach. Hallelujah, we spotted a balloon showing the way to the VIP and RM118 areas. YAY#2

Our wristbands.

So in we went through the lane (the security guard posted there even ushered us in through towards the correct lane) and it was totally empty. Imagine an empty lane leading to who-knows-where with a whole bunch of people on your left-hand side and separated by iron railings, and you walking down it LIKE A BOSS while they look on in envy. Ruth and I felt like movie stars bosses wtf. YAY#3

Finally managed to get into the correct area, and it was only like <10 feet away from the stage! YAY#4

Oh yeaaaaah~
There were several opening performances before the show really started, which was about 8 p.m. when the emcees finally appeared on stage. Some of the photos are kinda blurry coz I was using my phone to snap pics.

金刚、Mei Yan & 豆腐卜Bernard
First act was 黄家强 and 黄贯中 (the 2 remaining members of Beyond). 
黄贯中 took off his shirt, much to the delight of fans, judging from all the screaming.
Next was A-Lin 黄丽玲, a Taiwanese singer with an amazing voice. :)
So happy that I managed to get a clear picture of her. :D

While talking to A-Lin, the emcees commented that the crowd was huge this year. 40,000 strong, in fact. Can't really see from the photo below, but I can imagine it was packed to bursting.

Dude, how did you get that DSLR in anyway?
After that, we had Manhand 慢行 in the house! 

Everyone, especially the girls, went crazy for the next artiste. Can you guess who it is? :P

Another clear photo! :D
Why, Jam 萧敬腾 of course! One of the main reasons I wanted to go to this event was because I wanted to listen to him singing LIVE. He definitely did not disappoint. This guy can really sing and hit the high notes, plus he has great stage presence too! I bet many of his fans were swooning at his beautiful voice and quirky gestures throughout his performance. ;)

We had to wait a while before A-Yue 张震岳 came on stage for his performance, but he finally did, with a guitar in hand. According to the emcees, it's been a while since he has personally played the guitar for his performances, so it was a rare opportunity to see him strum and sing! :D 

Still the typical 张震岳 look, lol

Everybody was waiting for his famous song 《爱我别走》 or 《爱的初体验》, but after several songs, there was still no sign... but then, another artiste emerged onto the stage with him!

MC Hotdog yo!
MC Hotdog joined him on the stage and together they sang a couple of songs. There were some technical problems with the audio system, so A Yue and MC Hotdog couldn't perform some of the songs from their lineup. They managed to improvise though, and seriously got the crowd really high. :P I think a lot of people woke up when they started singing some of MC Hotdog's really explicit songs. XD

The final act took some time to get ready too, but when their music started, the party atmosphere went up another few notches.

LMF came out with an explosive start, and they really got the crowd high until the end of the show! I don't know most of their songs, but I do recognize their music and a few of the famous ones like 《1127》 and 《揸紧中指》. Most of their songs are pretty explicit, but very catchy nonetheless.

The group taking a breather before continuing to pump up the crowd.

It was an amazing night of music like I'd never experienced before, an unforgettable event with great music and fantastic performers. I am still feeling so excited because I got the chance to see and listen to all these famous Asian artistes, and at such a close range too! :D 

Music may not make the world go round, but it sure makes the world a much better place. :P

P/S: I just found out that RM118 ticket holders actually had 2 free drinks included! Y U NO GIVE ME BEER?! FML#3


little miss smexy said...

LOL! AT LEAST RIGHT, XIAO JING TENG WAS THERE! (excuse for my lousy pinyin) DUDE, I WANTED TO GET THERE SO BADLY!! stupid assignments ><

Nikel Khor said...

Ya.. I didnot claim my drinks as well..

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: Nevermind, you can go next year!! :D And remember to invite me if you do, hahah! XD

Nikel: We didn't know where or how to claim the drinks T__T Very thirsty standing there and sharing 1 bottle of mineral water between 2 people, lol.

Henry Tan said...

totally like a boss weyyy! ANYWAY WHY I DIDNT GET TO MEET YOU ONE??! =(((

saltvinegar said...

Omg Jam and Ah Lin and Chang Chen Yue!! So nice la!! And I liked tht u walked in Like a boss

Anonymous said...

seems like you had a fun nightt!! prrr! so jealous! :P

Camy said...

awesome eventttt! :D

LauraLeia said...

Henry: Were you in the 118 area too? There were a lot of ppl there! >__<

saltvinegar: It was great to see and hear them perform live! :D Epic #likeaboss moments don't happen often. XD

The Simple Sophistication: Yes, I had a great time! :D

Camy: It was! Hope I can go for next year's AMF too, hehe

SyingK said...

Wow! You got so close to the stage!! AWESOME! :D