Mac City Clearance at 1 Utama Bargain Corner

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Hey peeps! If you're an Apple user and are looking to get some new accessories to dress up your Apple gadget, you should definitely check this out! I just got back from the Mac City clearance at 1 Utama's Bargain Corner, and there were some pretty good stuff in the way of iPhone casings, iPad covers, chargers, bags, and other miscellaneous accessories that you might be interested in. :)

Casings for the New iPad at 50% off. Price after discount approximately RM 90 - RM 120.

Lego-like stand + amplifier for Face Time usage. :D (Forgot to get the price for this one, sorry!)

Laptop bags, Macbook covers and iPhone casings

Macbooks and speakers (not sure if all are demo units) on clearance
Oops, blur pic
External battery (RM 89) and colourful charger stands (RM 48)

Some pretty awesome Ted Baker, Roxy and Quicksilver iPhone 4/4S casings (RM 89)

And a whole bunch of iPhone 4/4S casings with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer (pay for the higher priced item, if different prices).
Super love these!
The 'melty' ones are cute too!
Everything here! :O

 The crowd at 9.30 p.m.! The Buy 1 Free 1 casings are in the several racks to the right of the picture :)

There are seriously quite a lot of casings and covers for Apple products at this clearance sale, from iPods to iPhones, iPads to Macbooks. There were a few other interesting items and accessories too, but I didn't manage to snap pics coz I wasn't sure if it was allowed. Some other interesting items of note were the iPhone telephone handset (RM90), screen protectors (RM25-RM50), assorted colourful charger stands, iPhone 3GS/4/4S casings, iPad covers, stylus pen (RM 39), and battery pack (RM89 and above). Of course, there were also the speakers and laptops which priced cheaper than retail; not sure if they are just the demo units or new ones though.

Here are my buys from the sale - 2 iPhone casings! (Which brings my grand total to 6! lol)

  • Cygnett Chromatic two-tone mirrored case with screen protector (RM 10)
  • KumoKuno Slim Case soft feeling coating in Mint (RM40)
The mirrored one is useful (for obvious reasons HAHAHA) and the mint one is super slim, so it's like not having a casing on my iPhone at all, plus it's mint-coloured! ♥

28th August - 2nd September
1 Utama Bargain Corner @ Rainforest (below BBQ Plaza)


Xue Ren said...

wow! must check it out then! :D

LauraLeia said...

It's worth a look if you're looking for casings! :) I find that the 'original' ones from Mac are generally better quality than pasar malam ones, even though they look the same. :D

EggieYeen said...

What bout ipod touch 4 casings? =(

Anonymous said...

Was the line long?

music magazine said...

so far for me traveled there .. so sad

LauraLeia said...

Jiayeen: There were also some iPod Touch casing there, but not as many as the iPhone and iPad ones. :)

Anon: I heard the crowd was crazy in the morning, but evening there's no line. :)

music magazine: Awww... :(