Review: Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara in #3 Dancing Blue

♫ G-Dragon - One Of A Kind

Have you been anticipating this particular post after all the teasers and hints on my Facebook page? Well, it's finally here! :D Let me introduce to you, the amazing, the marvelous, the gorgeous...

Yup, this is my new darling in the makeup diaries. Isn't she pretty? ☆彡

I've been keeping an eye out for blue mascara ever since I saw the ones being sold in TopShop, but I refused to give in to temptation because the TopShop coloured mascaras are not waterproof (and I seldom use mascara anyway). Also, high-end brands with coloured mascara like MAC, YSL and Dior were way out of my budget, so I was ecstatic when I popped by the Lioele counter at Parkson Sg Wang and saw the gleaming blue tester tube there. (≧∇≦)

Lioele Bubi Bubi Mascara in #3 Dancing Blue

The packaging of the mascara is pretty straightforward. It's made of black plastic with a shiny black and metallic blue pattern on the body of the mascara tube (1.5cm in diameter). I thought the pattern was printed on at first, but upon closer inspection, it's actually just a sticker. Either way, it is sturdy enough to handle a few bumps, and the overall impression is sleek and shiny. I like it. :D

The mascara shade and ingredients list was just a sticker on the outer plastic packaging. The outer packaging/sticker of the mascara corresponds to the shade of the mascara inside, so you don't have to worry about getting them mixed up.

Well, except for the newest one "Gorgeous Black", which for some reason is a metallic hot pink. *shrugs* I was so excited to see it until the SA told me that it's actually black mascara, not pink or purple

Alright, back to the topic. The mascara comes with a standard mascara wand, with fine bristles tapering to a point at the tip. I generally find these types of mascara brushes to work best with my short, fine eyelashes, giving them a good even coating of mascara with each swipe.

The mascara wand and brush
Here's a swatch of the mascara on white paper. The blue might look a bit daunting at first, but I find that after it is applied to the lashes, it has a similar effect to that on the mascara brush because our darker Asian lashes tone down the colour slightly. Needless to say, it will definitely look brighter on ladies with fair lashes. XD

Blue mascara swatch

One of the most important steps before applying mascara is to first complete your eye makeup and draw your eyeliner (if you plan to draw it). I used a blue eyeliner pencil for this review because I threw out all my dried out black liquid eyeliners. (~_~;) Then, curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. My lashes have lost most of their curl from my eyelash perming session, so I always use the hairdryer to heat up the curler so that the curl will last longer.

After that, it's mascara time! ;)
I'm showing the "before and after" comparison  photos because I feel that it helps to show the difference better than a whole bunch of text. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. XD

To me, the colour is quite obvious when you look closely, but as my friend pointed out when I tested it at the counter, it looks pretty normal otherwise, like from a distance of more than 3 feet. I mean, you don't just go staring at people's eyelashes just to see what colour they are, right? XD

When freshly applied, the blue is quite obvious, but I find that the colour sort of oxidizes and becomes slightly darker within a few hours. If you feel that it's still too bright, you can always use ONE coat of black mascara over the blue to tone it down a little. :)

If you still aren't convinced about the colour, here's a full-face photo comparison. :D

Before | After (Lioele blue mascara)
Okay, I admit I might have gone a little overboard with the matching blue necklace and t-shirt.

So, to round it up. The packaging of the mascara is nice, and the mascara wand is perfect for application of the product.  The colour is gorgeously, unashamedly blue, exactly what I was looking for in a coloured mascara. The best thing is that it is waterproof, so there's no need to sweat it even if the weather gets hot. *Pun intended* At RM 29.90 a tube for 7g of product, it is extremely affordable and comes in 4 variations (clear, brown, blue and black). The mascara lasted a good 7~8 hours (no, I did not get any weird looks, haha!) without smudging, which is pretty incredible to me.

The downside is, it doesn't really volumize your lashes, and only gives a slight lengthening effect. But then again, if you really wanted dramatic blue eyelashes, you'd have gotten fake ones already, right? XD

The Lieole Bubi Bubi Mascara range retails at RM 29.90, and is available at Lioele counters in selected Parkson outlets in Malaysia and the Lioele Malaysia online store.

✓ Pros: Affordable price, waterproof formula, great colour payoff, sleek packaging, good selection of colours.
✗ Cons: No volumizing and only slight lengthening effect.

Seriously, why hasn't this mascara gotten more reviews and raves on the blogosphere during the coloured mascara craze last year? ( ゚ Д゚) Is it because of the lack of promotion, or is it due to the fact that there aren't many Lieole counters? Either way, THIS COLOURED MASCARA NEEDS MORE LOVE AND RECOGNITION!! *getting all worked up*

Oh, and dear Lioele, if you're reading this, please please please come out with a purple/pink version of the Bubi Bubi Mascara! I will love you forever if you do. :3


Isabel said...

YES I think pink or purple will be more of a hit. I've seen a few other blue ones around. I wonder why blue is a more popular colour

ANGEL (ENJERU) said...

wow...nice! love the blue color so much..<3

saltvinegar said...

Gosh it looks good on you!! Haha but i do agree the blue necklace and top is a bit much. But seriously the blue mascara looks good on you.I don't think a lot of ppl can pull of this look :p

Xue Ren said...

wow! first time seeing a blue mascara! :O

LauraLeia said...

Isabel: If only MUA from UK was available here! They have a range of colorued mascaras that look so nice! I think blue is more popular because it makes the whites of our eyes look whiter? Or maybe make us look fairer? LOL

ANGEL: Thank you! ^^ I love it too, but I wish they'd come out with purple, hehe

saltvinegar: Thank you for the compliment! ^^ Oh well, I couldn't resist the 'blue' theme going on at the moment, so yeah. XD

Xue Ren: Hehe :D It's not so strange once you get used to it, lol. At least it's not as weird as feather lashes or Lady Gaga shoes anyway. XD

Renae said...

:O May I know at what age did you start learning how to use makeup? You are so good at it! I'm a complete noob T^T

P.S thank you for getting GD's One of a Kind stuck in my head!! :P

little miss smexy said...

The price is not that bad wert!!! I think i might getting some lioele products soon, heard that their foundation is not bad.

LauraLeia said...

Renae: Actually, I started about 4 years ago when I started college. ^^;; I usually just stick to the basics, and tweak it up a bit when i feel like it. :D

Nicole: IKR I was surprised at the price too (heh heh heh), considering that drugstore brand mascaras are sometimes even more expensive. But their other stuff are kinda pricey in comparison, ie BB creams, lipsticks, etc. O__O

Charmaine Pua said...

I love the electric blue color!
So cool!

little miss smexy said...

True! I found out that Korean products are much better than some drugstore product. Could it be because their products are designed for Asian skin?

LauraLeia said...

Charmaine: I love it too! :D

Nicole: Yeah, I think since it's formulated for Asians so it suits us better. And I think sometimes when it's more expensive, we're just paying for the 'brand' and not really the product, lol. For example, a lot of US/UK bloggers find that Asian BB creams don't work as well for them coz of the shade and undertones, which are more for Asian skin, and vice versa for US/UK products.

Mary said...

I just bought a blue mascara too from some shop name SHINS. I'm still looking for a purple one, purple will be awesome!

LauraLeia said...

Mary: Have you tried it out yet?? :D Let me know if it's good! Yes, I wish there were more purple mascaras around, haha!

Unknown said...

There should totally be a purple/pink one!The blue really does pop! I think the Tokidoki blue mascara looked quite similar actually, and that one was really fantastic. I should totally give this one a try!

Joey said...

Amazing! It looks so fun to try. I'd love to have blue lashes hehe. I agree, pink would have been cooler!

LauraLeia said...

Nancy: I didn't know TKDK had coloured mascaras! :O The Sephora here is sadly limited with TKDK products though. I think purple/pink/green mascaras are really hard to find compared to blue ones, haha.

Joey: Yeah, this is my current makeup craze. Wonder when I'll tire of it and go back to normal black, or maybe go on to find something else to gush over lol XD YES PINK PLEASE >__<