RMK Brow Rehab

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Alright, I'll admit, I'm too lazy to do anything to my brows in my daily makeup routine. By 'lazy' I mean that I don't tweeze or pluck (ouch!) or fill them in or otherwise do anything to them when I makeup. The only thing I do to make them look more presentable is go for the occasional threading session so that they'll look nice and neat with minimum fuss. So when I saw Kelly's update on the free RMK "Brow Rehab" service last Friday while at work, I immediately called up for an appointment at the nearest RMK counter, which fortunately for me, was in Isetan KLCC. :D

Love the view every time I walk to KLCC from the workplace. :)
You can see from the "before" photo below that my brows are in dire need of trimming. x__x Been too busy and tired to go for my regular eyebrow threading session, so of course I jumped at the chance to get my eyebrows trimmed at RMK. :P

I approached the RMK counter and told the SA I'd made an appointment for the Brow Rehab session, so she gave me a form to fill out, and then I was led to one of their makeup chairs to start my 'brow rehab'. The SA was really nice, and she was really careful too. After she was done, she let me take a look at my trimmed brows and asked if it was okay. She'd trimmed my brows to a more natural look, and it looked great. :D

See the difference? No worries, I have a before-and-after comparison shot right here. :D

Pic taken from my Instagram. ;)
I also requested for some samples of RMK's much-raved foundation to try, because I'd read a lot of good reviews about their foundation. The SA was really generous and gave me 4 sachets of liquid foundation (light coverage) and 5 sachets of cream foundation to try (higher coverage). So far I've tried the cream foundation, and it's really light and blends perfectly into my skin. I'll try out the liquid foundation one of these days and see which one I prefer before deciding which one to purchase. XD

RMK foundation samples!
The RMK Brow Rehab is available until 19th August (this coming Sunday) and is limited to 5 persons each counter per day, so quickly make your appointments now and sign your unruly eyebrows for rehab! :P


Xue Ren said...

woots! free trial eh? :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, it does make a difference! I don't really have the habit to pluck or trim my brows though :s

LauraLeia said...

Xue Ren: The SA told me they have different things for their customers/fans each month, so stay tuned for their Facebook updates! :D

Hilda: Yeah it really does make a difference! I used to not bother with my brows, but after doing my first eyebrow threading, I think it's important to groom your brows every so often so that you look more 'polished' over all. :D