Mint Nail Polish Comparison

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Everybody's going gaga over the colour mint since spring, and I'm no exception. The colour is a refreshing change from the usual pastel pinks and purples we usually see.

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However, there are many variations of what constitutes as "mint", from pastel green to turquoise to teal to Tiffany blue, that it can be pretty confusing at times. Heck, even I get confused just looking at the different words and colours of nail polish.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about fashion. Today's short but sweet post is a comparison of some of the minty shades in my nail polish collection. XD I've chosen 4 shades that are most similar to one another and swatched them side by side to compare.

Left to right:
  • MAC "Salad Dressed"
  • China Glaze "For Audrey" (review here)
  • Topshop "Pool Party"
  • Elianto "S06"
Even from the bottle, you can see that MAC "Salad Dressed" is darker and contains more green, while the Elianto one looks more vibrant than the China Glaze and Topshop, which look very similar.

Up close, you can clearly see the differences between the 4 nail polishes. MAC "Salad Dressed" is darker and leans towards the teal side of the spectrum (greenish blue), while Elianto "S06" is more of a turquoise shade. China Glaze "For Audrey" is said to be the closest to Tiffany blue, and Topshop "Pool Party" is certainly close enough, with just a touch more turquoise in it.

Personally, I find CG "For Audrey" and Topshop "Pool Party" to be the most flattering on my hands, and Elianto S06 is great if you prefer a brighter version. MAC "Salad Dressed" is definitely NOT my favourite because it makes my fingers look red and dull. (>_<)

Mad about mint :P
I hope you found the comparisons useful. :) Do you own any mint coloured nail polishes? Tell me which are your favourites or recommendations, I'd love to know!


M.May said...

I actually realised I don't own any mint nail polishes although it's one of my favorite colours! I actually find myself leaning towards the Topshop one instead of China Glaze!

Hmm it's time for a nail polish hunt! Thanks's for the comparison! =D

♡ M.May

Leimun said...

I have plenty of teal, minty and torquise nail polishes as well =D
Love your post!

Camy said...

i love mint colour!

LauraLeia said...

M.May: Glad you found my post to be helpful! :D I like the Topshop one too, although I wish the bottle was bigger, haha!

Leimun: Yes, it's matches with almost anything! XD Thanks for dropping by~

Camy: Hehehe... Everybody's going minty! :P

Evelyn G. said...

I bought mint color from Etude House, it's small but the color is very nice. U should try it. :)

Choi Yen said...

I have a mint colour nail colour from Etude House too :)

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for comparing all your mint colored nail polishes! I have to agree Topshop in Pool Party looks hot on you. :)

Carolyn Tay said...

Mac & Topshop one is so nice! Etude house nail polish dries up easily and hard to apply. I haven't tried Mac & Topshop before thou !

Jerine said...

You can make really pretty ombre nails with these colors !

Joey said...

I don't have any mint nail polishes, but dying to get some now.

Laura, I'm so sorry, but I really didn't have any more space left in my luggage (already overweight) so I couldn't get you the masks. Sorryyy

Viv said...

I own the Mint Candy Apple by Essie.. such a good color!

Anna and Klaudia said...

Beautiful colors! :) I'm following you now :)

Cominica said...

super cute~~ I love mint nail polish too, I only have one shade, lol
I love all the shades <3

-> <-

LauraLeia said...

Evelyn G.: Thanks for the suggestion! Will definitely go check it out; I love Etude House nail polishes. :D

Choi Yen: Haha, looks like I gotta check it out then! :)

Ahleessa: Aww... Thank you! :)

Carolyn Tay: The MAC one is actually my least fave coz it look rather dull in person. >_< The Topshop one is definitely a keeper though! :D I find that Etude House nail polish can be a little hit-or-miss, but basically quite good, haha.

Jerine: Oooh, good idea! I have to try it one of these days. XD

Joey: Go get some! :D So sorry for replying here so late (was sick T_T) but it's alright. :D I totally understand the baggage overload situation, haha.

Viv: Ooooh cool! But Essie is pretty hard to find and quite expensive here in Malaysia T__T

blackberryfashion: Thank you! ^^

cominica: Hehe, thank you! :D I think these minty pastel shades will suit most ppl. :)