November WonderBox & Giveaway!

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Whoa! Is it time for the November WonderBox already? o_o

First of all, I must apologize for the lack of posts last week. This was due to an unforeseen case of severe food poisoning, and I have been taking the time to recover before coming back to blogging. >_<

For November, they had 2 types (pink ribbon and black ribbon). And this time, I received the pink-ribboned WonderBox!

The baby pink satin ribbon is a nice change from the usual black one, although I still think the black one goes better with the box. ^^;;

Upon opening the box, you will see a greeting card, which opens up to show the products included in the box.

There is a RM35 off voucher for Sampar products.

Take a look at the contents of the November WonderBox! This time around, they included 2 makeup items and 3 skincare products.

SAMPAR Lavish Dream Cream (sample size - 2.5ml)
A day and night cream with anti-ageing properties. It provides long-lasting moisturization that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines.

SAMPAR Glamour Shot (sample size - 2.5ml)
Tint-free skin care that minimizes enlarged pores and wrinkles in one minute. May also be applied at any time of day, on top of make-up. 

SAMPAR Vivid Radiance Serum (sample size - 2.5ml)
An exceptional concentration of peptides, hibiscus and acerola. A powerful antidote to the unwanted marks of time.

I was really glad to see the SAMPAR samples in this month's WonderBox, because I had tested out some of their products before and they work really well at targeting skin concerns. Even though the sample size is pretty small, the amount is sufficient to use before deciding whether to purchase the full-sized ones, as it is on the pricey side.

You can check out my review of the SAMPAR Ultra Hydrating Fluid here. :)

Office Makeup USA Hydra Radiance Lip Gloss Mini Combo
(The welcome card lists "3D Replendent Lip Gloss", but I obtained the correct item name from their Facebook page)
This is definitely my favourite item out of the 5! The mini lip glosses come in 4 easy-to-wear colours, and are packaged in a tin box with green embossed snakeskin design. They are really cute and so handy to pop into a clutch or handbag for touch-ups! :D

The last item is an eyeshadow compact, also from Office Makeup USA, but when I opened it up, it was completely shattered to pieces in the pan! >_< Such a pity, because the green is a really beautiful and pigmented shade. Looks like I'll just have to scrape it into a small jar and use it as loose pigment eyeshadow. ^^;;

However, when I reported the damage to the WonderBox team that very same day, they were kind enough to offer me a replacement box, which arrived 2 days later. Talk about fast!

My replacement WonderBox was the other type, the one with the black ribbon. I was curious to see how it differed from the pink ribbon one, so....

There is an extra Jurlique voucher in addition to the SAMPAR voucher, and....

...the contents are the same, except that the Office Makeup USA eyeshadow is substituted with a Jurlique day cream. The other 4 items are the same.

Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream (deluxe sample - 15ml)
A rich moisturizing cream with a powerful combination of emollients that helps to deeply hydrate, restore suppleness and protect against environmental aggressions.

I have not tried Jurlique products before, but I have heard that they are really good, so I can't wait to use this and see for myself if it's true. :D

And now for the good part:


Thanks to WonderBox sending me a replacement box, I now have an extra box to give away to one of my lovely readers. Since Christmas is near, it's only fair to share the cheer, right?! :D

Just follow the simple rules below:
- be a GFC follower of my blog
- leave a comment with your follower ID, name, and email address
- tell me why you want to win this November WonderBox
*giveaway only open to those with Malaysian mailing address

Giveaway is open until 8th December 2012 (Saturday). Winner will be randomly picked by me.

Good luck! :)

The winner has been announced! Click here for the winner announcement. 


Leimun said...

ID: leimun
Name: Leimun

I love to win this WonderBox because I want to try this monthly subcription beauty box and i would be incredibly happy with this as my x'mas present!

Btw, love you post and review.
glad that you back to blogging after food poisoning, take care ❤

cindy said...

I want to win this wonderbox because I love the little surprises in the box and would really luv to hv this as a treats for xmas this year!
Cindy Tong

Kifli Mally said...

ID: kiflimally
Name: kifli mally

why you want to win this November WonderBox:

I do want to make my end of this November are the joyful moment in my life. Plus it will give me more new pleasant surprise before celebrating New Year n X-Mas Eve :)

cqahsan said...

Hi there!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Follower ID:cqahsan
Name: Nur Tsiqah Binti Mohd Nasir

I want to win this WonderBox because I want to share this gift with the loved ones,my mother as she loves skincare products so much!

Thanks again!

~Mew~ said...

ID : ~Mew~
Name : Joanne
email :

Hi laura,

Welcome back ^_^

I would really love to win this giveaway because i've always wanted to try their products. Now its the golden chance for me to win such products from your blogsite that i've just come to know. It would really make my year as i always dont have luck in giveaway/contest. You could really make my little wish come true by picking ME! ^_^

Wishing you good health and may God Bless You. Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a good night :)

Camy said...

Hello! I wanna win this giveaway because i wanna try out their products! and i love surprise. those beauty box are so nice! :D

ID: Camy
NAme : Camy Lau
email :

Jia Ying said...

ID : Jia Ying (Carey)
name: Jia Ying
email address :

I wanna win because I want to be wonderful lady with this wonder box. :D

Unknown said...

Follower ID: Jocy Tan
Name: Jocy Tan
Email address:

Reason: I'd love to win this November WonderBox because i've never tried this monthly beauty subscription box before ^^ The mini lip glosses set caught my eyes, the colors looked amazing!

Ginny Kek said...

follower ID: Ginny Kek
Name: Ginny Kek
Email address:

I want to win this November WonderBox because I would love to try new products on my skins to check whether its suitable for me or whether it will made me become prettier? My lips is very dry, I spotted the cute mini lip glosses, I guess it would easy to let me putting them in my bags and very convenient when I'm outside. I also hope to try their skin care product and I have chance to use the vouchers to purchase anything I needed from them. Can i have a chance to try them on? :)

YanaFazlyana said...

Hi Laura !

My follower ID : Yana Fazlyana
My name : Nor Fazlyana
My email add :

I want to win this November WonderBox because I really really want to try the Sampar products because all the beauty blogger in Malaysia had tried them and give good reviews on the products. I also want to try the Office Makeup USA lip glosses since I am a student that can't afford variant colours of lip glosses. ;)

Ahleessa said...

Such a shame I cannot answer the giveaway, but good luck to the people who do enter! :)

I hope you are feeling better! Sorry to hear you got food poisoning. It's not the best feeling.

My favorite product has to be the mini glosses too!... hehe~

Evonneyee said...

ID: girl
Name: Evonne Shin Yee

I love to win this WonderBox because It would be the best treat for me in this coming x'mas. It will surely surprise me and it would be the best present for me in this year 2012 that I am still survive after END of the World XD

Windy said...

ID: Windy Ngo
Name: Windy Ngo

I love to win this WonderBox because I want to try this wonderbox, the Office Makeup USA Hydra Radiance Lip Gloss Mini Combo are so attracted me and easy to carry. I believe it would be the best x'mas present for me~ =)

Haimamamia Lee said...

ID: Haimamamia Lee
Name: Haimamamia Lee

I love to win this WonderBox because I want this be my x'mas present exchange with my buddy, this important for me because I really want win this to give my lover friend, they will be happy and excited! <3

Mizu said...

You're subscribing them?oh my..their ads are featuring on facebook a lot and their promo is kinda attracting too but sad one thing that I scared the most is that I may be happy getting to try a new product but it'll ended up kept in boxes.

ID : Mia Lia
Name : Nurul Amirah
email address :

So my reason of wanting to have this prizes because I wanted to see what WonderBox had that could make me love their respective company products.Thank you~

Unknown said...

ID: Edwina Jacklin
Name: Edwina Emylyza Jacklin

I love to win this WonderBox because I want to make it as my Christmas gift for my mother. I can't afford to buy the real one because I don't have a lot of money and since I'm still a high school student. My mother have been the best mother on earth so I want to give her something to show her that I appreciate her and make her happy. I would love and really happy if I can get this Wonderbox gift. Thank you :)

Jenn Jeng said...

ID: Jenn Jeng
Name: Jennifer Binti Juanis

I love to win this WonderBox because it will be a surprise Christmas gift for my mom on Christmas Day. Furthermore, my mother rarely have beauty products for his own use and my mother never indulge to look more elegant and beautiful.

Unknown said...

follower ID : win lyn
name : lyn
email address :

Thanks for this gorgeous giveaway :)

Since happiness is meant to be shared, I’d love to win this November WonderBox to share with my sister. It would be fabulous if I could unleash her feminine side ^^


follower id : xiayuyan
name : kim
email :

guess who am i =p just saw u are hosting a giveaway , and the box is so attracting me , the ribbon and the wonderbox just remind me alice of wonderland ~ hoping i am the lucky one to own this beauty box ^^ at this xmas time~