Review: NYX Black Label Lipstick in Off The Beaten Path

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I'm pretty sure most of the makeup/beauty junkies out there will have heard of NYX cosmetics already, so without further ado, let's get on with the review! :P

Today, I have one of the NYX Black Label lipsticks in "Off The Beaten Path" to share with you. It was sent to me for review by Blanc to Noir, an online shop that sells cosmetics from brands such as Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, NYC-New York Color, NYX Cosmetics, Sigma Makeup, Facefronts, etc.

The lipstick is packaged in a silvery grey box printed with pretty black lace designs. Totally brings out my inner Goth girl, haha!

The lipstick itself is made from plastic, but feels sturdy enough to survive a few bumps (tried and tested, lol). It is the same silvery grey colour as the box, with the same black lace pattern printed on the cap. There is a clear base showing the colour of the lipstick inside, making it easy to identify if you have a lot of lipsticks. A simple and classy design that will appeal to most, although perhaps some might find its lack of weight a bit 'cheap'.

The shade I have here is "Off The Beaten Path", a warm pink with a hint of coral that makes it the perfect pink bordering on red territory. The colour shown at the base of the lipstick seems to be a bit duskier/duller compared to the actual shade.
Edit: Just found out that BLL168 Off The Beaten Path is a discontinued shade. :( Such a pity, because it's really pretty! However, it is still available on the B2N online store. :D

Swatched here on my arm is one swipe of the lipstick. It looks pretty similar to the colour in the tube, and is opaque so you don't need to layer it to get the colour to show.

On the lips, it shows up as a dark pink shade with a velvety sheen. The actual colour is darker than shown in the photo above. My camera just refused to give me an accurate colour no matter how many times I tried. >_<

The photo below shows the most accurate colour of the lipstick when worn.

This NYX Black Label Lipstick is fast becoming one of my favourite go-to lipsticks for daily wear. Not sure if it's the same for the whole Black Label range, but the lipstick has a yummy grape soda scent that really appeals to me. XD Plus, it's pretty moisturizing and doesn't accentuate dry lips, which is a huge bonus. The lasting power is average, around 3 hours with some eating and drinking.

✓ Pros: Huge variety of colours available, opaque colour, moisturizing, velvety sheen finish, easy to identify individual shades from lipstick base.
✗ Cons: Plastic packaging is very light and feels 'cheap', has grape soda scent that might not appeal to all, not easily found in Malaysia (available in Sephora now but with limited products).

You can purchase this item from the Blanc to Noir website here.

*This item was sent to me by Blanc to Noir for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Sabrina Tajudin said...

I heard Black Label is better than the other lipstick that NYX have. I havent see Black label at Sephora.. I think. Or I miss looked at it.. hehe... nice post babe!

sadee said...

Very pretty color

Unknown said...

what a gorgeous shade! i haven't tried NYX's black label lipstick yet but i will definitely try them out in the future :)

LauraLeia said...

Sabrina: I haven't gotten the chance to go check out NYX at Sephora, but I definitely will! :D Hope they will bring in these BLL soon. Thank you for the lovely comment! ^^

Sadee: Thank you! :)

Vicky: Yes, it's gorgeous~ :D Hope you'll find a shade you like from their huge selection! :)

Josarine said...

I'm not a red lipstick person too... but i guess we all should have at least 1 red lip stick. :)

LauraLeia said...

josarine: Yes, I agree. :) Although we might not wear it daily, there is sure to be an occasion where red lipstick is needed. XD