Recent Qoo10 Malaysia Hauls

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Lately I've been buying a lot of stuff from Qoo10 Malaysia. I think it's probably getting a bit out of hand, but then again, with (mostly) free shipping and super affordable prices, my conscience feels slightly better at my purchases.


Anyway, you can get a lot of Korean cosmetics for about half the retail price, and they're sent directly from South Korea so it's pretty much authentic. That aside, I'd still recommend you read the details carefully and take note of the product reviews by other customers before buying.

I'll be nice and include the links to the products I bought, but do keep in mind that the prices may vary day-to-day because they always have daily deals and limited time discounts.

Tony Moly JYJ Nutra-Energy Mask Sheets
I'm a sucker for idol-endorsed goods that I can actually use. ^^;; Double-checked with the ones I bought from their store, and it's the real deal. I've used about 5 or 6 so far and they're not bad. I bought 2 sets of these (10pcs each set) and they're much cheaper than retail. Plus, it comes with free shipping! I bought this from here.

Etude House Nail Polish
Another good deal I managed to snap up! These cost me less than RM3 each, and came with free shipping. Each bottle was individually wrapped, came with 2 samples and packed in a box. The colours are sheer but look very nice and natural on the nails. Bought these from here.

TVXQ Why (Keep Your Head Down) Repackage Album
To say I deliberated a loooong time and waited anxiously for 2 weeks for this baby to arrived would be a major understatement. Nevertheless, I was super excited when it finally arrived, and extremely relieved to see that it was well packed in bubble wrap. I requested the seller to add more in case it got tossed around during shipping. Expensive but HECK YEAH I GOT THE VERSION I WANTED (a certain CD shop told me it was sold out and would cost me more than RM130 to get it 'by other means' lolwut)
Purchased from here, if you want to buy K-pop albums, you should definitely check out this shop! :)

Winged Earrings
These earrings have wings. I'm a winged accessories freak. 'Nuff said. Cost me about RM4.50 each pair (including shipping) and they turned out slightly bigger and sturdier than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. (♥‿♥) Bought them from here.

Missha Essence (Milk and Honey) 3D Mask Sheets
Previous batch of masks were endorsed by JYJ, so this time around I got some from Missha, which are endorsed by TVXQ. These were also sold as a set of 10pcs. We don't have Missha stores in Malaysia (thank goodness, otherwise I'd go broke buying their stuff just to get TVXQ GWPs wtf) so I can't really compare the price or authenticity, but overall they seem pretty good. It's a bit different from the usual masks we use, so I'll probably do a short review on these masks soon. You can buy the masks from here (free shipping).

Etude House Pencil Eyeliner
These eyeliners were going for really cheap here, so I decided to pick up a couple of white ones. They're super handy for brightening up the inner corners of your eyes and also to line the waterline. They're the retractable types that I prefer because it's less messy and wasteful compared to pencils that have to be sharpened. Came with 2 Etude House samples too. :)

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails
I had previously purchased #4 Mint Frappe, which turned out to be really nice, so I decided to get a more neutral-toned set for my second purchase, which is #5 Princess Mary. I got this for less than RM10 (free shipping) and they even included 3 samples, which is very generous. Total steal, as a set of these Juicy Cocktail nail polishes retail for around RM35+ at Etude House stores. You can buy them from here, although do note that the price always fluctuates.

Now that I've convinced you to go online window shopping... Have fun spending all your money there! Ψ(`▽´)Ψ *evil laugh*


Camy said...

i am falling in love with mask now! btw nicw earring!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Oh nooo, I can see myself spending money soon! :P

LauraLeia said...

HerYuan: The JYJ Tony Moly masks are really good! :D Hehe thanks, I love the earrings too, been wearing them every day since I got them. XD


Henry Tan said...

wow i think the wing earring is nice!

#ChRiS# said...

Nice haul... i browse in Qoo10 everyday...hehe...I remember I saw Missha outlet in Times Square before, you may go find out... ^^

LauraLeia said...

Henry: Indeed. :D It's the smallest item out of all of them but it's one of my favourites. XD

C Queen: Hehe it's pretty addictive, right? I remember there was a Missha outlet in Ikano few years back, but it closed down and now the lot is occupied by Empro. >_<

Mizu said...

I just spend hundreds again at qoo10 this

Unknown said...

nice haul n tvxq make me shiver ahks!

LauraLeia said...

Mizu: How do you always manage to find all those good deals?! I didn't even see the cushion tint that you bought, lol

Perttzyana Alpah: Thanks! :D *high 5* for fellow Cassie! <3

The Baker said...

Hi Laura,
thanks for sharing this great info and help me save money. Otherwise a hole will be in my pocket.
Can you share how long did it normally take for you to receive the goodies that you bought?
I'm interested in buying but want to know the waiting time first.

LauraLeia said...

Hi Nadia,
Thanks for dropping by! :) Normally items will take about 2 weeks to reach Malaysia. I've received my items ranging from 10 days (very fast) to 1 month (pretty slow). But on average it'll take about 15 days to reach us.
Hope this helps! ^^

Unknown said...

Hi can u teach me how to shopping at qoo10? Plus how to pay for it? Hope u can help me thankss