Review: NYX Black Label Lipstick in "Natural"

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NYX Black Label lipstick
After my previous NYX Black Label Lipstick review post, I was really tempted to get more colours from the range but unfortunately, my local Sephora doesn't stock the Black Label range. (ーー;) Therefore, I was really excited when Blanc to Noir once again offered to let me review some items from their online shop. Of course, I just had to get another NYX Black Label lipstick to try, ngehehehe (≧∇≦)

NYX Black Label lipstick in "Natural"
This time around, instead of picking my usual pink or red shades, I opted for a nude colour, so I chose #167 Natural. I had read quite a few reviews saying that this was a really great, almost perfect, nude shade of lipstick. I hardly have nude lipsticks in my collection, so I decided this colour would be a nice addition.

NYX Black Label lipsticks come in a squarish plastic tube with black lace patterns on its silvery-grey cover, similar to the design on the box. It has a clear base showing the colour of the lipstick inside, making it easy to identify individual shades.

BLL 167 Natural
A creamy, dreamy lipstick with a velvety smooth finish and hyper-glamorous shades for every look and every inclination. NYX's Black Label Lipstick has rich emollient properties that ensure that the color glides on and envelopes your pout at the same time.

BLL 167 Natural
The shade Natural (cream formula) is described as a "neutral pink-beige" on the NYX website. In the tube, it looks very much like a brown lipstick, but once applied on the lips, it does indeed show up as a pretty beige colour with a hint of pink.

Below is a half-lip swatch of the lipstick under sunlight:

And these are the full lip swatches of the lipstick:

Honestly, I think that's I've found my perfect nude lipstick in this NYX Black Label lipstick in Natural! ヽ(;▽;)ノ It's the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade, and is nude enough to pair with smokey or colourful eyes, yet doesn't give me the dreaded 'corpse lips'.

The formula of the lipstick is great - creamy, opaque and moisturizing, with a yummy grape soda scent that I like. (^▽^) It's both suitable for days when you want to keep your makeup simple, or times when you want to balance out that smoldering smokey eye with nude lips.

Worn with simple natural makeup
I also used this lipstick in my See By Chloé blog post photos, where I had on some fiercer darker eye makeup. ;)
✓ Pros: Huge variety of colours available, opaque colour, moisturizing, velvety sheen finish, easy to identify individual shades from lipstick base.
✗ Cons: Plastic packaging is very light, has grape soda scent that might not appeal to all, not easily found in Malaysia (NYX is available in Sephora Malaysia but with limited products).

You can buy the NYX Black Label lipsticks from Blanc to Noir here, along with lots of other NYX products. Their June 2013 special is 30% off NYX products, so do check it out!

*This item was sent to me by Blanc to Noir for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


cindy said...

In ur pic it still look like pink eh... I also look for a nice nude lipstick... I tried nyx nude lipstick on my lip not sure if it is the same range but it does not look good on my lips... Lol

LauraLeia said...

Cindy: It looks pink coz it matches (almost)perfectly with my natural lip colour. :D It's especially obvious in the middle full lip swatch. I've never tried the usual NYX Round Lipsticks, but I read reviews saying that this Black Label range is much more moisturizing. :)

Mizu said...

Nice color :)
Nyx lippies are very pigmented in colors but do it broke/melt when it's too hot?

Mine were left in car and it melts and some are broke too...haha

Nabilah Ismailjee said...

That lipstick suits you really well! :)

LauraLeia said...

Mizu: So far I've never experienced lipsticks melting, but then again, I try to keep them out of sunlight/hot places. The only lipstick that ever broke was the Illamasqua one that I reviewed, and that one is well-known to break easily, judging from a lot of reviews, lol.

Nabilah: Thank you dear ^^

Jessying said...

Colour is absolutely looked lovely on you, is like the Benefit Lady Choice! Shall check out the shade soon at Sephora!

Henry Tan said...

hahahaha corpse lips?! i have! then i think i need that lipsticks too. LOL

Unknown said...

this looks so pretty and natural on you! :)

Constance Ant said...

i sometimes likey put on nude lipstick too..

but yours look more pinkish

sadee said...

The colour is wonderful for everyday use pretty on

Camy said...

like nearly nude colour. very nicee!

Unknown said...

The lipstick looks good on you!

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Let me know if you want connect each other! and I will connect back quickly.

Anonymous said...

Nude lips without a corpse like effect? Sounds like a must get! Thanks for enabling, babe!!

Audrey said...

your lip is so sexy huh? jelly you <3

June L. said...

Nice lips, absolutely love those swatches! ^__^ I'm working on my lip-swatch taking, heh. ^^;

Btw, I've nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger Award" right here on my blog! Would love it if you could check it out. c:
- A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

Ahleessa said...

This is a gorgeous lipstick! It looks great on your full lips. :)

queenhorsfall said...

you are so cute

Shayne ♥ said...

theres a distinct color difference bet the indoor and sunlight swatches. i like it tho :)

Unknown said...

This is such a pretty nude color because it does not wash you out at all. It looks elegant and put together :)

Swee San said...

wow this is a lovely colour! I have a nude matte lipgloss and been looking for a nude lipstick.. i shall take this code down and go look for it the next time I'm in sephora! :)