Review: Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Milk SPF 50 PA+++

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夏だ!It's summer! Sun, sand, sea... and sunscreen?! Yup, sun protection is super important, especially in Malaysia where it's summer all year round.

I've never used this particular brand of sunscreen before, so I was looking forward to test this Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Milk SPF 50 PA+++ by Mentholatum. (Also due to the fact that I'd finished using up my previous sunscreen and hadn't gotten around to buying another one, lol)

I like the subtle holographic detail on the cardboard backing, lol
Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Milk SPF 50 PA+++
Palm-sized summer companion!
The sunscreen comes in a palm-sized light pink bottle which contains 40ml of product, with the words Skin Aqua printed on it. However, the rest of the words on the bottle are in Japanese, which can be a bit of a problem. (⌒_⌒;) The words UVさらさらミルク 'sarasara miruku' in pink mean something like 'smooth milk'.

Like most sunscreens with similar packaging, it comes with a nozzle tip. Just remember to shake the bottle thoroughly before squeezing the body to dispense the product. Word of advice: remember to close the screw cap properly before throwing it into your beach bag to prevent spillage! Happened to me once. x_x

Texture of the sunscreen
The Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Milk has an ultra-light and ultra-smooth texture that spreads easily onto skin. It is formulated with oil absorbing powder that leaves skin shine-free and feeling silky smooth. What I like about this sunscreen is that the texture is really like milk - it spreads easily and is so lightweight that you don't even feel it on your skin. (。◕‿◕。)

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This daily sunblock aims to provide users with the ultimate 3-in-1 defence: anti-UV, anti-aging, and anti-dryness) to keep skin looking young, healthy and beautiful. Most premature aging is caused by sun exposure, not to mention freckles, age spots, rough skin, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, redness, etc. So, it's important to defend yourself against those harmful rays, especially during the summer when it's super hot!
  • Anti UV: High SPF 50 PA+++ that provides long hours of broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
  • Anti-Aging: Collagen and amino acid to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Anti-Dryness: Super hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid provide superior moisture for long hours by targeting different layers of the skin.
I ♥ silky smooth skin!
You can use this sunscreen for both face and body. The Skin Aqua range is free from fragrance, colorants and mineral oil, which makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. It is water resistant (great for seaside activities) and ideal as a makeup base for a silky smooth finish.

Overall, I quite like this sunscreen, as it doesn't dry out my skin and works great as a makeup base. The high SPF content and silky smooth finish definitely helps too. :D

Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Milk SPF 50 PA+++ (40ml) retails at RM 35.90 and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.

*This item was sent to me by Mentholatum Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Mizu said...

I'm aiming for the BB one since I tried out the samples and love it

Sherry said...

wow look nice, not try yet.

Henry Tan said...

water resistant? that's good! cause my sweat won't wash it away! lol

LauraLeia said...

Mizu: Ahh i see! :) I tried that too but the coverage is so sheer I don't even know why they named it BB though. >_<

Sherry: Thank you for dropping by! :)

Henry: Well, it IS water resistant, but most times it's best to re-apply after a few hours or after you come out of the water (swimming, diving, etc). :D