Zalora Purchase: Cap with Horn and Studs

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Cap with Horn and Studs
Spikes, studs, horns and everything sharp, shiny and pointy have been the 'in' thing in fashion since last year (especially among the k-pop crowd), so it's no surprise that I found myself mouthwatering at the sight of this baby when I was browsing through the Zalora website a few weeks back.

BTOB's Ilhoon rocking the spiked snapback
Spikes and leather hmm (¬‿¬)
Sure, it's not as flashy or spiky as the one worn in the BOTB music video, nor as hardcore as Changmin or TOP's photoshoot fashion choices, but it's a statement accessory that stands out, nonetheless.

Studded jackets wtfyes
Am I crazy for wanting a spiky studded jacket like GD's and Yunho's? (ー_ー ) Yes, okay, I probably am.

Anyway, I kept this in my Zalora wishlist until I just couldn't resist temptation any longer and proceeded to purchase it with the discount voucher from KakaoTalk. This black cap by Plaxa features a six panel design with silver horns and spike stud embellishments, perfect for casual days to bring out your inner devil. (`∀´)Ψ
Devil on my shoulder insisted I buy this ._.
Cute lil devil horns ψ(*`ー´)ψ
Spiky studs!
I purchased the cap online on Saturday, and it was delivered to my doorstep on Monday morning! Is that fast or what? I've bought stuff a couple of times before from Zalora, and their delivery service is pretty efficient. I've tried both online purchase and cash-on-delivery, and there was no problem (except when I wasn't home to receive the package lllorz so it was delayed).

I brought the cap along with me to last week's AIA K-Pop Concert, but only took it out to take a few pics with Ashley because it felt weird wearing it indoors. *shrugs* (^_^;)

AIA K-Pop Concert light stick
Selca at home before heading to the concert :P
With pretty Ash at the concert (★o★)
Oh, and if you were wondering... No, the horns and studs are not sharp. They have blunt ends so you won't hurt yourself, lol. However, I do highly advise against hitting anybody with it, as it will still probably take someone's eye out HAHAHA wtf -__-

This particular cap that I bought is OOS at the moment, but you can get a similar one here.


Henry Tan said...

wow the spike devil cap actually looks very very cool!! but a bit danger also.. later poke someone. lol

LauraLeia said...

Henry: Thanks! XD Hahaha no worries, it won't cause any damage. Well, none that are permanent, anyway. lololol :P

Camy said...

i like ur spikey capp!

ice pandora said...

Haha pretty kick ass cap really c:
I like! Xx

Anonymous said...

Not crazy at all, those jackets are WOW!

LauraLeia said...

HerYuan: Hehe thank you~ ^^

Ice Pandora: XD Thanks! I think it's pretty badass too lololol

Blair: IKR! But I guess it's meant for superstars rather than us normal folks, ahha XD