Vanity Trove Malaysia x Avene Workshop

Last month, I attended a workshop by Avene, in collaboration with Vanity Trove Malaysia. :) The workshop was held at Cafe Barbera in Bangsar, and it was cozy affair with many other bloggers in attendance.
Bloggers mingling and waiting for the workshop to start
While waiting for other bloggers to arrive and before the workshop started, we were able to explore the area and check out the various ranges of skincare products by Avene. :)

Sun protection range
Avene's famous thermal water
Gel cleansers
Milk cleaners
Skin recovery cream
The entire range of Avene products!
We were also treated to some aromatic coffee during the workshop. :D Really effective in waking us up properly on a weekend morning, I tell ya! :P
Caffeine rush XD
The workshop started with an introduction to Avene, followed by step-by-step guides for us to use the products placed on our tables. Avene is actually a village in France where the Avene production facility is located. The production center is directly connected to the source from which they obtain the spring water. They have a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy center where people go to get treatment for their skin problems. Pretty awesome, eh? ;)

First, we had to remove all our makeup in order to personally experience Avene's skincare regimen. It was my first time using a makeup remover that literally looked and smelled like, well, plain water. It did an amazingly good job at removing makeup though (including eyeliner, mascara and foundation) and didn't make my skin feel dry or tight. Amazing!
Avene cleanser and makeup remover
After that, we were each given a dry mask sheet, and instructed on how to use it. Basically, hold the dry sheet in your hands (don't unfold it!) and spray a generous amount of the thermal water until it is damp. Then, unfold the mask and place in on your face. Spray more thermal water onto your face/mask until it adheres properly, then leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
Not really used to the semi-dry mask sheet, lol.
Nicole and I taking weird selcas while wearing the mask LOL
After letting our skin absorb the thermal spring water, we continued with the other steps of the skincare routine. I'll just let the pictures do the typing talking. (¬‿¬)
Step-by-step skincare routine
After completing our hands-on skincare workshop, all the bloggers could go for a skin analysis test to check our skin type and get consultation on what kind of skincare products would be suitable to target our needs. A sumptuous buffet lunch was also provided.
Yummy buffet lunch!
Before we left, each of us were also given a special Avene themed Vanity Trove that was specially curated to fit our individual skin types! I super love the makeup remover! (✿◠‿◠)
Special edition Avene Vanity Trove
It was definitely an instructive workshop, and I got to know more about Avene and their products. Managed to meet some friendly new bloggers as well as familiar faces there, so it was fun. :)

Thank you Avene and Vanity Trove Malaysia for the great workshop! I definitely learnt a lot about skincare, and had a good time at the event. (。◕‿◕。)

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Anne Lee said...

I love their mist spray.. it's so refreshing.