Review: Y.E.T. Korea Nail Wrap #03 Rose of Versailles

♫ 张栋梁 精选集

You know I can never resist a pretty rose print, much less on my nails! ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣ *swoon*

I've known about these Y.E.T. Korea nail wrap stickers since last year, but I've never actually done a proper review of them. The brand name Y.E.T. stands for Yes! Enjoy Time; I have hardly heard about this particular Korean brand, but the items on their website look pretty cute and the designs are fairly similar to those from Peripera. I figure they're very much worth mentioning here on the blog, mainly because the nail wrap designs they offer are super pretty!

The design I'll be showing you today is Y.E.T. Easy Funny Nail Sticker #03 Rose of Versailles which was purchased during my recent Beauty Expo visit. This is my second time using them (the first time was during Chinese New Year earlier this year), and although I still haven't quite gotten the knack of applying it as perfectly as I want to, the results are still gorgeous. If you're curious, this is the one I used before - #07 Sunny Day, a sweet combination of rainbows and clouds.

Each pack of Y.E.T. nail wraps contain 18 pieces of nail wrap stickers in different sizes and a small nail buffer, which is used to trim off the excess sticker.

#03 Rose of Versailles is a beautiful black and white design featuring roses on a wavy background. If you see closely, the roses have a shiny diamante center.

(Source: BeautynetKorea)

Same as other nail wrap stickers, application is pretty straightforward.
  1. Choose a nail sticker that matches the size of your nail
  2. Stick and press it firmly onto your (clean) bare nail; trim sides using small scissors if needed
  3. Smoothen the edges, making sure there are no bumps or air bubbles
  4. Trim off excess sticker using a nail buffer
  5. (Optional) Wrap free edge of nail with matching shade of nail polish
  6. Seal with a top coat, and you're done! 
Step 5 (optional) to remove the white line after trimming the sticker
All done! :)
For this manicure, I managed to use only 4 pieces for all 10 fingers. (Also because I'm a cheapskate and want to stretch my dollars. #moneysavingtips HAHAHA) I used one whole sticker for the thumb and ring finger; the excess sticker from both were then used as tips for the index, middle, and pinky fingers. (~˘▾˘)~

It always happens with the thumb nail. ALWAYS.
Oh, the less-than-perfect application I mentioned earlier? I usually have the most problems with thumb nail application, not sure why. Maybe it's because it's more curved? All my other finger nails are fine, but my thumb nail always has issues with bumps at the sides and edges. (Imagine applying a sticker on a ball; there's always one section that sticks up, right?) The edge of the stickers, after being trimmed off, are also prone to jagged/rough edges. It could be due to the thickness of the nail wrap; these are actually quite thick compared to the Sally Hansen or Bloop ones, but are very stretchable and don't tear easily.

Nevertheless, despite these flaws (which could easily be user error on my part), I still absolutely love these Y.E.T. nail wraps because they are so pretty, and honestly, they look great on the nails. Nobody's going to just grab your hands and stare at your nails from 5cm away, right? (⌒_⌒;)

Left hand (improvised a bit on the index finger, which is barely noticeable)
Right hand
The black and white design really pops on the nails, and not only does it go with any colour outfit, it also makes a great manicure for formal or special occasions. What's not to love? (◕‿◕✿)

*Products were purchased using my own money. 


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Good luck!

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Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment! :D Definitely gonna check out the giveaway. ^^

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the rainbow nails so cuteee

LauraLeia said...

HerYuan: IKR! Those are still my absolute favourites. :D