Review: 3CE Gel Eye Liner in Brown

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Feeling slightly Korean today, because I'm going to share my thoughts about a Korean cosmetics brand that has been trending for a while now.

This particular Korean cosmetics brand is called 3CE (short for 3 Concept Eyes), and it's a cosmetics line under the popular Korean fashion brand Stylenanda. It's been gaining popularity around Asia for the past year or so, and while most people rave about their lipsticks, I've been quite taken by their eyeliners. (Check out my review of the beautiful mint green Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #10 Mojito!)

I recently purchased 2 eyeliners from FH Club during their 3CE sale, but today I'll just be reviewing the 3CE Gel Eye Liner in Brown.

Side note: I was initially cautious about buying from them, as I wasn't sure whether the products were genuine, but after comparing them to my other 3CE eyeliners, I'm 99% convinced (let's ignore the 1%, okay? ^^;;) they're authentic. I would also like to commend the FH Club customer service team on their efficiency. I had some trouble tracking my order, so I sent in a contact form asking about it, and they replied it within that day itself. In addition, they had discovered that my parcel was shipped without the gel eyeliner brush, so they informed me that it would be sent out immediately, and I received the brush the very next day. Kudos to the FH Club team! (๑>◡<๑)

The gel eyeliner comes in the usual sleek black 3CE box, with the inside being a striking hot pink shade. The eyeliner brush is included together with every pot of gel eyeliner, and is a fairly standard flat round brush that works well to pick up and apply the product. (If it doesn't come with an eyeliner brush like the one in the picture, please beware of fakes and double check with the seller.)

The gel eyeliner is packaged inside a small frosted glass pot with black screw cap lid. It's small but feels luxuriously weighty in my palm (for its size). As with all other 3CE products, there is a sticker seal to make sure that it has not been opened or tampered with.

The bottom of the jar contains information about the eyeliner shade, expiry date, and country of manufacturer. Even if you can't read the Korean words like me, understanding these 3 things should be more than sufficient. :)

(Picture taken from official Stylenanda 3CE site)

The gel eyeliner is very creamy, glides on smoothly using the included brush, and is easily blendable when freshly applied. However, once it sets (which takes about a minute), it won't budge even if you rub it. The colour of the eyeliner is not as dark as I expected from the official photos, but still quite pigmented nonetheless.

I used the brush to apply the gel eyeliner on the upper waterline and lined the lashline, as well as bringing it down halfway on the lower waterline. It doesn't look as vivid as the hand swatch, and the brown shade is definitely less stark than my usual black eyeliner.

Lip colour is my own custom lip cream shade! :D
I wore this for most of the day, and while it smudged a bit on the lower waterline (this happens with every single liner I use), the upper liner was still intact at the end of the day. I think I still prefer black gel eyeliner for tightlining around the eyes, but as far as brown eyeliners go, this 3CE Gel Eye Liner in Brown is a pretty good bet if you're looking for a nice brown shade. Plus, the included brush isn't half bad.

✓ Pros: Good pigmentation, nice packaging, comes with eyeliner brush, waterproof, smudge-proof, long lasting.
✗ Cons: Expensive, not easily available except online, lots of fakes so you'll have to beware when buying online.

*Disclaimer: Item was purchased using my own money.


Haliemah Zahari said...

Omg! I was aware of the 3CE sale FHClub was having, but I was afraid that it wasn't authentic too because they were selling it super cheap!! Almost half of its original price D: SIGH I regret not buying it T__T

Axieana Yumi Life said...

I want it. I have to get one this gel eyeliner

LauraLeia said...

Haliemah: Aww that's too bad. :( Well, now you know that you'll have to grab it next time they have such a good promo! :D

Axieana: You can get it from FH Club as well as Luxola! Currently it's on discount so better grab it fast. :)