Etude House Beauty Sharing BFF Party

♫ SHINee 샤이니 - Dream Girl

Pinky sweet! That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Etude House.  (●♡∀♡)
That's SHINee, Etude House's current ambassadors ^^
Thanks to Kelly, I managed  to get a pair of invites to the Etude House Beauty Sharing BFF Party at Korea Plaza on 23 March 2013. Ruth and I were too lazy to walk didn't know how to get there from KLCC, so we just took a cab to the place, lol.
Etude House BFF Party @ Korea Plaza, Menara Hup Seng
We got there slightly after 11 am, and the place was already half packed with guests and bloggers. :D I was really glad to meet Kelly at the entrance, and we quickly took a (rare) photo together before I went off to explore the activities with Ruth.
Me and Kelly :)
Ruth and I spent a bit of time just walking around the event area, and it was pretty interesting. Korea Plaza is actually sort of like the hub for the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), so they have lots of information regarding popular and beautiful holiday destinations around South Korea.

Posterboards of the top 10 holiday destinations in South Korea
They have a voting competition going on, where you vote for your top 3 favourite spots. :)
Traditional Korean musical instruments on display
Super cute traditional dolls and ornaments
They also some of their latest makeup collections on display in glass display cases. I super love the ice-cream cone-shaped nail polish! <3

Super cute pastries and ice-cream from their Sweet Recipe collection!
Ooooh, lip gloss!
More cute makeup! Srsly, everything is too cute omg
We decided to line up for a manicure first, because the queue was getting pretty long. It took more than half an hour for our turn to get a manicure. :(

The manicure station
Getting a relaxing hand massage before lining up again for manicure
The products used for the hand massage. Love the rose one!
Finally time for manicure! I chose the pink gradient manicure. :3
Check out our manicures! XD Ruth actually went and got 2 different colours for both hands, lol. I really like the silver one that they did for her. It looks very dainty and ethereal, reminiscent of fairy wings. Sorry for the blurry photo T_T it doesn't do our manicures any justice.

Our glittery manicures
Right after we got our manicures done, the food was also served, so we went to grab some photos and food. The rice cake was very good (albeit a bit spicy) but the 'sushi' roll was just okay. The tea was nice too.
Some refreshments for the hungry bloggers :P
After that, it was time to take photos! While waiting for my turn to wear the hanbok (traditional Korean outfit)...
SHINee alert! Choi Minho spotted!
Minho fangirl alert! Ψ(`▽´)Ψ
...and after donning the hanbok. (*´∀`*)
It was fun!
There was a makeup booth too, but queue was too long so we decided not to go for it. (╯︵╰,)
Makeup booth
We just sat around taking pics and chatting with several other blogger friends. ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v
Clockwise from top left: Angeline, Nicole, Ruth and Carolyn
3 of us were sitting together, and then I noticed that our shoes were so similar!
Can you guess which shoes belong to which blogger? :P
It was a pretty fun event, and it was great spending some time with my blogger friends and BFF. It's been a while since I've been able to attend such an event, so it was great to mingle with them and catch up on all the gossip/news. (`・ω・´)”

Look at the goodie bag they gave; so many cute and pretty things! :3
Super cute box (but we had to carry it around in our arms because there's no handle lllorz)
Lots of goodies inside!
Thank you Etude House and KTO for organizing such a fun event for BFFs! :D I'm looking forward to the next pinky sweet event, hehe~

I ♥ Etude House! (and Choi Minho, wtflol)
I shall end my post with a picture of me with a life-sized standee of Minho, who is my SHINee bias. :P Till next time, stay pretty and sweet, all you lovely peeps! (。♥‿♥。)


Unknown said...

I want to eat Korean fooddddddddd lol

cindy said...

OMG so cute....Too bad I missed out this one!! ARgghhhh...

little miss smexy said...

Eishhhh i look like a creeper! Haha i do recognise the heels, Angeline's were over-killed LOL

Camy said...

it seems so funnnn!

LauraLeia said...

Angeline: Me tooooo~~ I suddenly feel like eating kimchi soup with rice, lol

Cindy: I'm sure you have lots of events like these to attend, hehe! :D


Camy: Yes, it was pretty fun! :) Thanks for always dropping by, hehe~ Really appreciate it. ^^

Unknown said...

So cute ! all having the similar shoe.. hahaha

Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

interesting blog post you have here.. you guys have similar taste even shoes also similar =)

cre8tone said...

Such a fun-filled event!!!~

Unknown said...

This looked like it was so much fun! Ahh Minho life-size cut out?? Awesome!!

Yuh Jiun said...

Omg it's so nicee! Get to try out hanbok, manicure and etc awwww and the ddokbokki looks awesome!

LauraLeia said...

Sarah: Yeah, I guess shoes like these are the trend now? XD

Angie: Thanks! It's the trend now i guess. And black shoes goes with any outfit. XD

cre8tone: Yes, it was really fun! :D

Nancy: It was fun! I would've tried to 'kidnap' him if it wasn't life-sized HAHAHAHA

Yuh Juin: The hanbok part was fun! :D I went for manicure coz I was too lazy to DIY the night before, hehe, plus i wanted to try new colours. :D