Review: SAMPAR Glamour Shot

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Do you sometimes wake up in the morning, and feel too lazy to put on your war paint before going work? Just the thought of primer, concealer, foundation and setting powder is enough to make you yearn for 5 more minutes of precious snooze time!

SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot cosmakeup
Well, I've found my solution in SAMPAR Paris' Glamour Shot cosmakeup range. It is a the first ever transparent foundation that corrects wrinkles, gives a matte/soft focus finish, masks skin imperfections and redness, all in one minute after application. It also provides a long-lasting anti-wrinkle effect when used long term.

No wonder celebrities are also using SAMPAR! Gotta look good even when going out for a walk or to buy some groceries, eh?

Now that SAMPAR has arrived in Malaysia, we can now enjoy the same beauty and skincare benefits as these stunning stars! (≧∇≦)
SAMPAR Glamour Shot (30ml full size)
All of SAMPAR's products are packaged in a very classy and minimalist way. The outer packaging is just a simple glossy pink and white box with a pattern of the Paris skyline at the bottom, while the Glamour Shot is housed in a matte pale pink tube.

It has a pump dispenser; hygienic and no wastage!
The Glamour Shot tube comes with a pump dispenser, which is really the most hygienic way to package liquid/serum products, and also ensures that you have control over how much is squeezed out (we don't want to waste any of the precious product!).

With and without Glamour Shot
The Glamour Shot itself looks white and has a creamy liquid consistency when dispensed, but turns transparent when applied evenly on the face. It is recommended to apply the Glamour Shot as a foundation by smoothing uniformly onto the face from inside to outside. It dries to a matte finish pretty quickly, so using fingers is the best way.

Click for larger image
Even though it is labelled as a foundation, it must be noted that this product is not compatible with liquid/cream foundations or concealers. The result will be a cakey mess, as seen in the photo above. It is best used with a loose or compact powder. I always use a compact powder with SPF content after applying the Glamour Shot. :)

Click for larger image
SAMPAR Glamour Shot claims to minimize wrinkles, mattify skin, mask imperfections and correct redness in ONE minute after application. I have to say that it really does what it claims, although you will probably have to test it in person to believe it. The photo above was taken when I first tried out the product, and I was seriously surprised at the huge difference it made on the spot!

Remember when I mentioned that is has long-lasting anti-wrinkle effects if used long term? Well, you can see for yourself from the collage below!
Week 1 to Week 4 of using Glamour Shot (click for larger image)
Here's a more close-up look at the difference between Week 1 and Week 4.
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My Verdict?
SAMPAR Glamour Shot is indeed an amazing product, as it has instant effects as well as long-lasting effects when used long term. "Blurring lines between skincare and makeup" is definitely an apt description for this product.

✓ Pros: Instant lifting effect, minimizes lines, smoothens skin, reduce redness, saves time during makeup, has long term anti-wrinkles effect, simple yet effect packaging, squeeze pump dispenser is hygienic and reduces product wastage.
✗ Cons: Does not work with liquid/cream foundations and concealers, not recommended for very dry skin (unless properly moisturized), not for those looking to conceal severe skin blemishes.

Do visit the Sampar Malaysia website for online purchases, and "Like" the Sampar Malaysia Facebook page to stay tuned with their latest updates! :)

*This item was sent to me by Sampar Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Sakuranko said...

Oh wow this product looks really great, I want try!
Many thanks for the review.


Camy said...

OMG! really great product! i wanna try too!

LauraLeia said...

Sakuranko: Yes, it's a great product! :) Thanks for dropping by~ ^^

Camy: Yes, do try it if you have the chance! Saves me a lot of makeup time, lol