Review: SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes

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Do you suffer from laugh lines, puffy eyes or dark circles? If the answer is YES to one or all of those, then you'll definitely want to keep reading on! :D

SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot Eyes cosmakeup
Continuing from my previous Glamour Shot review, I'll also be introducing the SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes under-eye concealer. In a similar vein to the Glamour Shot foundation, this is a transparent under-eye concealer that erases dark circles, brightens dark areas around the eyes and blurs wrinkles and fine lines, all in one minute after application. It also has anti-wrinkles action when used long term.

SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes (10ml full size)
All of SAMPAR's products are packaged in a very classy and minimalist way. The outer packaging is just a simple glossy pink and white box with a pattern of the Paris skyline at the bottom, while the Glamour Shot is housed in a silver and pale pink tube.

SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes
The overall design is reminiscent of a typical mascara packaging. The tube is made from plastic but feels very sturdy and substantial. Me likey. :P

Doe-foot wand applicator
The SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes comes with a doe-foot wand for easier and more hygienic application. You can either apply it directly to the under-eye area then blend like you would regular concealer (my preferred method), or swipe a small amount on the back of your hand then dab it around the under-eye area.

Swatch of Glamour Shot Eyes
The Glamour Shot Eyes itself looks white just like the Glamour Shot foundation, but has a lighter and slightly more watery texture in comparison. This is due to the fact that it is meant to be used specifically for the sensitive eye area, hence it has to be more gentle than its foundation counterpart. It turns transparent when applied evenly around the under-eye area.

How to use SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes
 It is recommended to moisturize the eye contour prior to application. Using the wand, place 3 dots (I usually just do 1 swipe 'coz I'm lazy like that ^^;;) of the product on the under-eye area, and lightly pat with fingertips. Finish by patting some loose or compact powder, and you're all set! Do note that just like the Glamour Shot foundation, it is not compatible with liquid/cream foundations or concealers.

L: with GSE; R: without GSE
This is just from my first application, and although it might not look like much, the side which has Glamour Shot Eyes actually looks brighter, smoother and slightly lifted (looking more awake). All within ONE minute, as claimed. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Week 1 to Week 4 of using Glamour Shot Eyes (click for larger image)
I used the Glamour Shot Eyes for 5 consecutive weeks (with a few days break in between) and the results are pretty obvious! Dark circles and puffiness begone! Hello to brighter and more awake-looking eyes! :D

My Verdict?
SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes is my go-to product on days when I need to zoom out the door with minimal fuss about makeup. Just a few swipes, pat it into the under-eye area, a swipe of compact powder, a flick of eyeliner and I'm good to go!

✓ Pros: Instant lifting effect,eliminates dark circles, reduces puffiness, smoothens wrinkles and lines, saves time during makeup, has long term anti-wrinkles effect, simple yet effect packaging, doe-foot applicator is easy to use and perfect for application.
✗ Cons: Does not work with liquid/cream foundations and concealers, not recommended for those looking to conceal severe dark circles.

Do visit the Sampar Malaysia website for online purchases, and "Like" the Sampar Malaysia Facebook page to stay tuned with their latest updates! :)

*This item was sent to me by Sampar Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Camy said...

seems to work. am looking for concealer/foundation/bb cream, any recommendation? :D

Sarvin Sidhu said...

interesting! hope to try this soon!

Ahleessa said...

Oh wow, I noticed an improvements on your bag! By the way, you have long gorgeous lashes that I am envious with... hehe~

Chuen said...

Looks effective :D Shall check it out one day!

little miss smexy said...

I like this product very much! =) I should use it in long term just to see the result now! =D

LauraLeia said...

Camy: It works pretty good if you don't have very severe dark circles, or looking for a long-term solution for puffy eyes/lines. Otherwise, if you're looking for coverage, I'd recommend Zero Kuma's concealer (more exp), or a concealer from one of the Korean brands like Etude House. :D

Sarvin: Yes, you definitely should! :D It saves me a lot of time in the morning, haha!

Ahleesa: Aww... Thank you! Yes, they are somewhat improved after using them for a month. :)

Chuen: Yes, you really have to use it to believe it. :D

Nicole: You reviewed it before, right? It really works in the long term as well :)