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Are you a fan of Asian skincare and cosmetics? With the ever-increasing popularity of Asian cosmetics over the past few years, it is no wonder that women (and men) all over the world are looking to Korea for their beauty needs.

Introducing WISHTrend, the hub of Korean cosmetics! WISHTrend is an online beauty website that sells products from various Korean beauty and skincare brands, including Ciracle, ElishaCoy, Klair's, L'Cret, Rojukiss, Skin79, ToSoWoong, and Whan (for men) just to name a few.

Besides selling Korean beauty products, their website also often features recommended products and articles on beauty and skincare. They even have YouTube channel, WISHTrendTV, that posts videos discussing makeup and skincare. Here's on of my favourite video topics so far - K-Pop Male Idol Makeup Trend.

Makeup on guys is still a controversial topic in most societies (yes, even in Korea!) so it's a new insight into how the K-Pop industry is pushing the boundaries of male makeup. Personally, I think that is one of the attractions of K-Pop. *enthusiastically waves TVXQ, JYJ  and Big Bang lightstick(s)*

WISH Company Facebook page
If you're a frequent Facebook stalker user like, just head on over to the WISH Company Facebook page, where you can get all the latest updates on their newest products, as well as get beauty tips from their makeup experts. They sometimes even do surprise giveaways! :D

WISHTrend stands out from many other websites that claim they are the 'experts' in Korean skincare, because you can see how they focus on quality, both in the products they sell online as well as their customer service. Don't expect to see the likes of Etude House or Holika Holika here, as their main focus is to introduce many other amazing brands to the world. I love how their staff are always ready to answer your questions, as well as their useful tips shared on Facebook. Most of all, I love browsing their website (which is so pretty and very professional) just to look at all the exciting new brands from Korea! :)

WISHTrend website
WISH Company Facebook page
WISHTrend Twitter


sadee said...

i had a good shopping experience with wishtrend. thank you for sharing

Ahleessa said...

Yeah, Korean products are the bomb... hehe~ I'm being biased since I'm Korean. :X

LauraLeia said...

Sadee: Thank you for dropping by! I always love their prompt replies to questions, haha~ Good customer service. :)

Ahleessa: I love them because they're affordable, cute and effective! :D Ooooh I didn't know that! Do you speak Korean as well? :O

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