505 - Malaysia's Big Day

5 May 2013

Today is the day Malaysia decides her government for the next 5 years. 5 years that can drastically change our beautiful nation, for better or for worse.

By the time I finish typing this post, the polling stations will have closed (5.00 pm) and everybody will be waiting with bated breath for the results to start trickling in.

Today is the first time I'm exercising my voting rights as a Malaysian citizen. I don't think I'm a particularly politically involved person. Sure, I do share the occasional GE13 post on Facebook, and laugh at the various "Ini karilah!" jokes, but that's about it.

Taken from my Instagram
The thing is, today reminds me a lot of a few other notable days in Malaysia's recent history. Remember the Bersih 2.0 rally in 2011? Or last year's badminton finals for the Olympics? Scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I am strongly reminded of these events that made Malaysia a topic of conversation, both online and offline, among strangers and countrymen alike.

Why, you ask? Just one word: unity. It is during times like this that I truly appreciate how our countrymen, despite the differences in culture, race, language, can come together to fight for something that we believe in. How we can all work together to achieve a common goal, and to protect something that we love (whether we realize it or not) - Malaysia.

Rain or shine, ain't gonna stop people from voting!
Just like on the day of the Bersih rally, or during the badminton match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei, the support and encouragement of citizens from all walks of life is touching indeed. Scrolling through Facebook, we can see so many photos, stories, messages that inspire us to hope for a better tomorrow. (All the cries of foul play, however, is another topic entirely, and will probably result in a full-on rant, which isn't the point of this post, so yeah. Not gonna go there.)

These are just some really amazing things from various parts of the country that were shared on Facebook.

Supporters from Penang staying back after voting to make sure the polls stayed clean.

More people from other places protecting their right to a fair and clean election.

This lady who came to vote on her wedding day (in her beautiful wedding gown, no less)!

Elderly voters who were bedridden but determined to cast their vote.

Even Nik Aziz, the Menteri Besar of Kelantan, has to line up just like anybody else to cast his vote. 

Lots of overseas citizens also came back to cast their vote, or voted via post, and voiced their thoughts on the election. Even our local celebrities/singers who are now based in other parts of Asia also came back to vote! Remember, every vote counts! :)
Photos taken from respective artists' official Facebook pages
Now, the only thing we can do is wait for the results, and hope for a better Malaysia. I wonder how this election will turn out, with the eyes of the global media on our little country. *fingers crossed*

Sorry, cat, you're not eligible to vote, even though you're over 21 in cat years. (╯_╰)


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