April & May 2013 Empties

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I've never done a monthly empties post before, mainly because I usually just throw away a product after I've finished using it. However, after reading so many empties post from fellow bloggers, I decided it would be fun to share my thoughts on some of the products I've used. Who knows, it might come in useful to you. ;)

April-May 2013 empties
These are some of the products I've used up from April and May. Most of them are sample/travel sized items, except for the big orange container. Read on to find out what they are and what I think of them! :P

1. Kérastase Reflection K Bain Chroma Riche shampoo
This shampoo is described as a "luminous softening shampoo for highlighted or sensitised colour-treated hair". I started using this because I recently dyed my hair and wanted to make sure the colour didn't fade so fast. To my surprise, this not only helped the dye last longer, it also made my hair softer and less dry and frizzy! ♥

2. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Serum
This hair serum/oil is similar to L'Oreal Mythic Oil, and has pretty much the same effect. Makes hair smoother, shinier and less frizzy. However, it is more expensive than the Mythic Oil. 

3. Kiss Me Medicated Hand Cream
I received this as a sample when I bought the Kiss Me eyeliner. It smells very strongly of medicated herbs (similar to Tiger Balm or medicated oils), which I dislike. The hand cream itself is thick and very moisturizing, but tends to feel a bit oily until it is fully absorbed into skin, after which it leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and soft. Great if you love these scents, not so great if you dislike it. More suitable for use in cold weather. 

4. Bio-Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream with SPF 15
I don't really see any difference/improvements after using this eye cream. What I liked was that it has SPF 15, and the cream has a light and easily absorbed texture.

5. Bioré UV Aqua Rich with SPF50+ PA+++
This sunblock looks like a cream but applies like a gel, and has a cooling sensation during application. Pleasant scent and easily absorbed, but for some reason, I dislike applying it on my face. Applying it on arms/legs is okay for me though. I still prefer the Bioré Face Milk as a sunblock for face.

6. Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution
As a frequent contact lens user, I find that this multi-purpose solution works really well with all my contact lenses. It doesn't irritate my eyes, and my lenses don't feel dry even after more than 6 hours.

7. Essential Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask
This is my 2nd or 3rd jar of this hair mask, so you can probably guess that I love this product. If your hair feels dry or frizzy, this will definitely help a lot! My only peeve is that it isn't sold in Malaysia. >_<

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed my first ever 'monthly empties' post! (^o^)


Jerine said...

Ahhh... never thought empty bottles can worth a post. I have the same problem throwing away all my empties when they're emptied.

Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

I've never done one post like this before. I think if i ever do. The only product that i could successfully empty in a month is probably my shampoo, body shampoo and as well as those little small samples which i receive heheh.

Mizu said...

I also just throw all the empties..haha..

or i'm just the same as Angie ^^^
only body wash/shampoo would be the monthly empties..lol

Cominica said...

where did you buy the hair mask?? omg, you live in Malaysia? XD I just back from KL few days ago XDD

Camy said...

imma interested with Bioré UV Aqua Rich with SPF50+ PA+++

Unknown said...

Maybe I should try the Biore UV Aqua Rich, never have put on sunblock that gives out cooling sensation before.. Quite interesting ! :D

LauraLeia said...

Jerine: Hahaha, anything related to beauty or skincare is worth a post these days! XD

Angie: Hahaha I totally understand how you feel! I was curious about these empties post so I decided to do one and see how it goes. XD

Mizu: Yeah, throw them away to make space for more stuff. XD Even shampoo/body wash I won't use up within a month. >_<

Cominica: I bought it from Singapore last year T___T It's not sold in Malaysia. Oooh, you were here in KL? It would have been cool to meet you, hehe. I hope you enjoyed your trip here! ^^

HerYuan: Biore sunblock will be my first choice, hehe! I prefer the face milk though coz it's smoother and provides a matte base/primer for my other face products. :)

Sarah: Haha, you can try it! I don't like how it feels/smells on my face though. Prefer the Biore face milk version. :D