Canmake Spring 2013 Workshop X International Beauty Expo 2013

♫ Tohoshinki - B.U.T.
Have you heard about the International Beauty Expo (IBE) 2013 held at KLCC? I attended the one last year, and it's as big (if not bigger) as ever this year. It's one of the most comprehensive exhibitions and sourcing platforms for beauty, hair, nail, cosmetics and spa professionals. I was invited by Canmake to attend their Spring 2013 workshop at IBE 2013 with several other beauty bloggers, and boy, was I glad I was there! .。.:*☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆

The 2 Canmake marketing ladies from Japan, makeup artist sensei from Japan, and the first model :)
Canmake is a Japanese cosmetics company that was established in 1985, and is used by teenagers, office workers and professional makeup artists in Japan as all over the world. Their concept of "cute, high quality and reasonable prices" have made their products a hit in many countries, particularly Asia, and they have 831 outlets worldwide. In Japan alone, they have a few thousand outlets! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

Pink x Kawaii Style makeup points
Orange x Healthy Style makeup points
The makeup artist, Ms Toshimi, started by using the Smooth Skin Primer, Smooth Liquid Foundation and Marshmallow Finish Powder (all 3 are new products!) to create a flawless base for both models.
Applying the Smooth Liquid Foundation
Setting with the Marshmallow Finish Powder
After that, she proceeded to apply the eye makeup, followed by cheeks, and finally the lips. She demonstrated how to use the various Canmake products to achieve both Pink Sweet and Orange Natural styles, and the results are really pretty! :) The makeup trend now is the kira-kira (sparkly) 。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。eyes look, so both eyeshadow palettes used have shades that contain pink pearl pigments to give off that sparkly effect.

Pink x Sweet Kawaii style
Orange x Healthy Natural style
Most people believe that pink makeup is more suitable for those with fair skin, and orange makeup for tanned skin, but the Ms Kaori (the host) assured us that both looks can suit either types. So for us girls living in sunny countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc, don't worry, we can play with colours too! (^▽^)

So many cute and pretty makeup items! Beauty blogger heaven~ :D
After the demonstration, we were invited to try out the products used during the demonstration. Of course, all of us wasted no time in 'molesting' and snapping pictures of all the pretty items there! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Base products
Smooth Skin Primer (new!)
Smooth Liquid Foundation (new!)
Marshmallow Finish Powder(new!)
Primer, foundation and powder
Cream Cheek
Powder Cheeks
Canmake's famous and bestselling Cream Cheek blusher
Powder Cheeks to layer over the Cream Cheek
Gokubuto Mascara
Eyeshadow Base (new!)
Coloring Eyebrow
Pen Eyeliner - Perfect Black and Brown
Four Shiny Eyes (new!)
Gokubuto Mascara (bestseller) is a film type mascara that can be washed off using warm water
Canmake Eyeshadow Base
Eye makeup products
Stay-On Balm Rouge (new!)
Creamy Touch Rouge
Stay-On Balm Rouge
Creamy Touch Rouge
There are also a few more items like the Shading Powder, Jewel Star Eyes and Powder Eyebrow that I didn't manage to snap pictures of, but are part of the array of products used to achieve both makeup looks. After the demonstration and testing session was over, I requested Toshimi-sensei to teach me how to do contouring, and she very kindly showed me how as well as let me try it out myself. :D

Canmake cosmetics display
I seriously cannot resist such pink and pretty makeup display shelves! They're having 20% off all their items at IBE, so it's a great opportunity to get some pretty makeup items. :P

All of the bloggers were given a door gift at the end of the event. Just a look at what they put inside! (≧∇≦)
Blogger door gift! So cute and pink, right?
So many awesome goodies inside the goodie bag to play with! (✿ ♥‿♥)
After the workshop at the Canmake booth, I took a walk around the expo hall to see if there were any interesting items or good deals to grab. XD

I came across this booth at the Korea Pavilion, and couldn't help but be attracted by their pop art design facial mask packs. The company is called SNP, and they have all sorts of skin care products in addition to the masks.
The masks in the top photo were RM9 each, while the 4 (different design) at the bottom were RM6 each. The lady at the booth told us (I bumped into a friend and we were walking around) that their masks were widely sold in Korea but have yet to enter the Malaysian market. I'm on a mask craze lately so I decided to grab a few to try. (◠‿◠)

IBE 2013 haul
Here's my IBE 2013 haul from yesterday! Bought some nail art stuff, a couple of nail polishes from Canmake, and 3 masks from SNP.

I'm glad to be able to visit the International Beauty Expo again this year as media (hehehe) and learn more about makeup and cosmetics. If you're a beauty junkie like me looking for some good beauty deals, or just a casual consumer interested in personal grooming, why not drop by the expo and take a look? Admission is free, and you'll be able to see lots of new brands and haul some bargains (masks, anyone?) from the expo. Tomorrow (21st May 2013) is the last day, and IBE is from 11am - 7pm at KLCC, so there's still time!

Thank you so much to Canmake for inviting me to the blogger event at IBE, and kudos to the Canmake representatives for their hard work, especially the cute and friendly Kaori-san! :D I definitely enjoyed the workshop, and look forward to reviewing the items from the goodie bag! (。♥‿♥。)


Unknown said...

I was one of the blogger that attended CANMAKE Blogger event with you too!! Nice to meet you :)

Camy said...

everyone look so pretty after makeup! :D

Jerine said...

The SNP masks packaging is so nice!!!

Henry Tan said...

that fair must be like heaven for girls! lol

LauraLeia said...

Sheirly: Oooh, you were there too? :D *virtual wave* Nice to meet you! XD

Camy: Yesh, the models were so kawaii! <3

Sharon: I saw your comment, but I accidentally clicked delete! T__T I'M SO SORRY!! Canmake has been sold in SaSa for quite a while, but they don't do much advertising/promo so it's not as well known as other Japanese cosmetic brands here. >_<

Jerine: Yup! The colourful pop art packaging attracted me to their booth. :D

Henry: Yes! For those who like makeup or skincare, hehe~ A lot of good deals there, even for guys (like hair care) :P

Passing Fancy said...

Wish we had events like this :(
I want so badly to try those Canmake cream blushes- but they're quite expensive right? They are about 10$ on ebay.

Carolyn Tay said...

How can I miss this event? I want canmake haul! :'(

LauraLeia said...

Sara: You guys have lots of makeup/beauty expos with international brands, so that's actually better than what we get here. XD Yup, the cream blushes are kinda pricey. >_<

Carolyn: Awww :( Must make sure you attend their future events then! :D

Sunshine Kelly said...

i like their eyeliner :)