Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Experience @ STRIP Ministry of Waxing

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Monkeys are hairy, but we don't have to be! :P
If you're a frequent waxer, or considered going for waxing, then chances are you've probably heard of STRIP Ministry of Waxing. I've done waxing there before, and the service, outlet ambiance and staff professionalism really impressed me.

Interior of the outlet
A couple of weeks back, I visited the Bangsar branch of STRIP to try out their IPL underarm treatment.
Staircase to STRIP Bangsar. Do you notice sexy Marilyn? ;)
A very homey, vintage ambiance at the Bangsar store :)
What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment?
IPL is an advanced semi-permanent hair reduction method which uses specially filtered beams of pulse light to disintegrate unwanted hair from the root. This technique delays the growth of new hair and furthermore, a percentage of hair may not re-grow.  At the same time it aids in the lightening of skin pigmentation and aids in diminishing ingrown hair issues. Not to be mistaken with laser hair removal, IPL is a way more comfortable treatment.

STRIP's treatment rooms
Cute lil squishy friends if you need some 'pain support' while waxing, lol!
All the treatment rooms in STRIP are furnished according to the outlet's theme. :D I was led to a small but cozy room by my 'waxpert'. I love the scent in the rooms, which come from both the aromatherapy burner in the corner as well as the different waxes (orange and chocolate, anyone? :P) used for waxing.

STRIP's specially customized IPL machine equipment
There are different grades of IPL machines in the industry, and STRIP has the Ferrari of IPL machines! These IPL machines used at STRIP are specially made and customised to STRIP's standards, which ensure that customers get the best experience and optimal results for every session. 。.:*☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆

Media articles for you to browse (and to showcase STRIP's achievements, lol)
I expected the treatment to last about 30 mins, but to my surprise, it took only about 5 minutes, and was relatively painless! Each time the pulse light went off, it just felt like a teeny weeny ant bite, and both underarms were done in (almost literally) a flash! (^∀^)The treatment will only show results after a few days (unlike waxing which is instant) but it really does work! It's been a couple of weeks since the treatment, and I already see results - underarm pigmentation is slightly reduced and less hair growth.

With the signature STRIP orang utan :D
6 sessions are all you need to be hair-free! The interval between each session is about 4-6 weeks, after which you can kiss goodbye to your hair woes for about 2 years or more (as it is a semi-permanent treatment). Even laser hair removal treatments are not completely permanent, and costs a bomb compared to IPL.

How It WorksBroad-spectrum heat energyFocused point heat energy
EffectivenessUp to 80% hair reductionUp to 80% hair reduction
Cost (scale of 1-5)3.55
Pain Factor (scale of 1-5)14
Speed of TreatmentFast due to big area per pulseSlow due to small area per pulse
SafetyGenerally safe with no side effectsDangerous to operate, subject to burns
Side BenefitsReduces occurrence of ingrown hair, lightens pigmentationReduces occurrence of ingrown hair

Picture credits: STRIP
Why should I go to STRIP for IPL?
  • STRIP is an established brand with 35 stores in 9 cities worldwide (and expanding!)
  • STRIP has completed over 500,000 successful IPL treatments for customers all over the world
  • The IPL machines are propriety to STRIP and have been customised for maximum comfort and effectiveness.
The Verdict
IPL is more comfortable then laser treatments (for both you and your wallet ≧∇≦), and a much longer-lasting solution to waxing (without the ripping-off-a-band-aid sensation)!

Strike a pose with Marilyn, tag STRIP Kuala Lumpur and post it on the STRIP Facebook page to enjoy your special IPL treatment offer! :D

From now until 30 June 2013, first trial customers can enjoy the following IPL offers:
  • IPL Brazilian treatment @ RM188 (usual price RM900)
  • IPL Bottom Half Leg treatment @ RM188 (usual price RM900)
  • IPL Underarm treatment @ RM88 (usual price RM450)
  • IPL Upper Lip treatment @ RM38  (usual price RM112)
This offer extends to customers of STRIP who have done waxing before but not IPL treatments, so if you're a STRIP regular, you should definitely consider giving their IPL treatment a try! (ノ*゜▽゜*)ノ

STRIP's specially customised IPL equipment
STRIP outlets in the Klang Valley are located at Solaris Dutamas, Bangsar, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and Lot 10. You can visit the STRIP website for more details, and also interact with their friendly staff via the STRIP Facebook page


cindy said...

woo feel like trying the IPL...

saltvinegar said...

Hmm interesting.. sounds good but the prices after the offer ends... ugh..

Unknown said...

I'm going next week for review :P

LauraLeia said...

Cindy: Go try now while the offer is still available! :D

Saltvinegar: That's why you gotta grab the chance now! :P

Angeline: w00ts w00ts! :D

Sabrina ❤ said...

Now this is my first time visiting your blog! I like your write-ups too! You write the kind of reviews I'd like :)

Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

Never tried before... It definitely sounds interesting. :)

Ahleessa said...

Oh wow, we're kind of going through the same procedure except mine is laser hair removal. We have Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, and so on. I got the laser removal for really cheap! My second treatment is next Saturday. I hope we both don't have armpit hair anymore... hehe~

little miss smexy said...

I know right! I went for IPL too and it was just so good lol

Bijin Blair said...

RM 88 sounds really good! It's only for one session right?

PS: Oooh, cosmetics in the June Mivva box? Did they give out any hints on what the brands might be?

LauraLeia said...

Sabrina: Aww thank you! :D

Angie: 2 words - It works! :O

Ahleessa: We also have a lot of these hair removal groupons kinda stuff here too. :D I'd love to be hair-free too, but these treatments can be pretty expensive without promotions/deals. >_<

Nicole: Yesh! The results were better than I expected! :D

Blair: Yup, the offer price is for first-time IPL customers. Trust me, you'll see results after just one session. :D Not sure about the Mivva Box, but the hints they gave were pretty tempting. XD

Donna Pixie said...

wonder anyone has sign a package with them? how much is a package??