Kinokuniya Malaysia Special Edition Mirai-chan Privilege Card

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If you've been a reader of my blog since 2011 (or my old blog), you'll probably know that I have an otaku side to me. ^^;; Anyway, long story short, I saw an update on Kinokuniya Malaysia's Facebook page regarding their special edition Mirai-chan privilege card, so I decided to upgrade my current regular card to the special Mirai-chan version when dropping by Kino yesterday.

So basically, Mirai Suenaga is a fictional character designed by Danny Choo the world's biggest otaku a really awesome dude who introduces Japanese pop culture to the world.

Edit: Danny-san has updated his website with details of the Mirai x Kinokuniya card! (^_^)

Is this cute, or is this cute? :3
For new members, the Mirai privilege card is RM39 for one year, and RM75 for two years. The first 500 applicants will get a special edition Mirai x Kinokuniya Moekana card - perfect if you're a Moekana collector. The Mirai Kino card also entitles you to buy the Moekana and Moekanji cards at 20% off, along with regular Kinokuniya privilege card benefits.

The regular Kinokuniya privilege card is slightly cheaper at RM36 per year.

Moekana and Moekanji in stock at Kinokuniya Malaysia now
 Yes, they're in stock now! No need to wait for anime conventions to get them, folks!

Apply now to get your dose of kawaii desu~
As an existing Kinokuniya privilege card member, I had to pay RM13 to replace my regular card with the Mirai version. Considering that new members only have to pay extra RM3 for the Mirai card, I'm actually feeling pretty pissed, but then again, I did pay that amount just to change my card, so yeah. -__- *internal facepalm*

From this... this!
Special Mirai Moekana card, Kinokuniya privilege card and card sleeve
To find out more about my otaku adventures and Danny/Mirai, head on over here and here! (✿◠‿◠)


Leimun said...

from old card design to this kawaii mirai-chan card design, definitely worth!

Mizu said...

mirai-chan is very cute and pretty~~danny choo doing it right..hehe

LauraLeia said...

Leimun: Haha depends on how much of an otaku/anime/mirai/danny choo fan you are XD

Mizu: Super kawaii indeed :D Yeah, he's really out to conquer the world using jap pop culture, haha