Beauty Expo 2012 @ KLCC


Beauty Expo 2012 was recently held over the weekend at the KL Convention Centre, which is now in its 12th year. It is said to be South East Asia's largest expo and trade platform for beauty and therapeutic professionals, covering a selection of beauty, business, education, trends and competitions from the beauty, hair and nail industry. The expo was held over 4 days, from 28 September to 1 October 2012.

When I stepped into the exhibition hall, I was like "Whoa!" because there were so many people (men as well as women) who were carrying around huge bags of stuff, and quite a number were even towing around luggage cases. There were 5 exhibit zones spread over Halls 1-5, but I mainly stuck around Hall 4 and 5 because these were the hair products, nail products and makeup zones. ^^;;

My main mission of the day was to attend the Sizuka Korea "Photofinger and Gellyfit Professional Nail Art" seminar, with a demo by one of the founders, Kelly Woon. According to the lovely Korean host, she has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and has done the nails of many Korean celebrities! :D

(From left) Ms Kelly Woon; Erica, one of the organizers; the lovely host/translator, who is also from Korea
The first demonstration was for their popular Gellyfit "bubbly checker nail art" using their syrup colour range, which is light and more translucent than their normal range. The most unique thing about this gel polish is that you can use up to 10 layers to create the checker art, marble art, or any type of nail art due to its thin formula. Using a UV or LED light to cure the gel polish, the designs will be dry within 2 minutes!
Some examples of the checker art/nail art using Gellyfit
For the demo, Ms Kelly did the iconic Burberry pattern checker nail art on the model's finger, and added a similarly checkered heart deco on it. :) The wide lines were made using just the Gellyfit bottle brush, while the thin red lines were drawn using their Gellyfit gel liner range.
Burberry design nail art
Up next was the Photofinger decals to create nail art on the model's nail. It is basically like the usual nail art stickers we use, but this one is special because it is made from a superthin film-like material. It is so thin that you can layer up tp 12 stickers on one nail and it will not look bulky or thick! For this demo, Ms Kelly did a Hermès inspired design, using about 10 stickers layered over each other.
Hermès inspired Photofinger decal designs (Sorry for the bad pic! There's actually no bump on the nail.)

For the last design, Ms Kelly did a 3D photo frame art using a Photofinger decal and 3 strands of metallic chains. You can also opt for cameo deco instead of the decal; I personally think that the cameo ones are really pretty! :)
Audrey Hepburn 3D picture frame nail art
Cameo 3D nail art
3D picture frame nail art
The Gellyfit nail colours are packaged in a black bottle with a cute little ribbon bow depicting the colour of the gel polish inside. Aren't the bottles just positively adorable? 

Just a few bottles from their extensive Gellyfit range (they have 170 shades!)
The bows are super cute! :3
Colour wheels of the Gellyfit range
I managed to snap a photo with Kelly before we left. She's really nice and friendly; even though her English wasn't that good but she told me that Malaysian food is really delicious and that the people here are very friendly. :D

There was a lot of great deals and bargains on beauty and nail stuff there, but due to limited funds (^_^;;) I only came back with some nail polish (4 for RM10) and a hair dryer with cold air (RM38) which I'd been wanting to get for a while. 

4 for RM10 "Dier" nail polish, LOL. The first 3 colours are really nice and opaque though!


Choi Yen said...

The bottles are so cute with the bow!

cheryna zamrinor said...

i have always fancy purple.
there was one time when we had "the nail day" and i specifically asked for purple. my friend bought me the one with the colour like aubergine. OMG.

I felt like biting my own fingernails:)

LauraLeia said...

Choi Yen: Yes they're super cute! :D

cHeRyNa: Hehehe! Well, I hope you didn't really bite them. XD I like purple too, but I prefer light purples. :D

Tammy said...

wow the nail art looks so cool..there...

and i really love the cute dolly looking gel fit polish!

LauraLeia said...

Tammy: Yeah, the nail art is really cool! Especially the decals! The gel polish bottle really super cute, but too bad it's really expensive, meant for nail salons. T_T