Review: Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar (Original)

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“I talk with the herbs and they respond to me with their secrets.”

"What's that about?", you must be wondering. Well, today I'll be sharing with you my experience with Gamila Secret's Orginal Cleansing Bar (mini), which I've been using every day for the past 28 days.

Gamila Hiar's devotion to make nourishing skin care products started at the age of 20, when she sacrificed a few hours of sleep each night to make soap after her daily chores. She was inspired by her father, an expert on plants and an authority on medical herbs. Within a few years, Gamila Hiar discovered her talent to mix the right herbs and cook them in a specific order to create a substance with a nourishing effect. After more than 40 years, Gamila Hiar developed a secret recipe formula based on her wisdom of nature: Gamila Secret. (Excerpt from Gamila Secret website)

Today, the Gamila Secret cleansing bar is still prepared and packaged by hand in Galilee. It is a cocktail of no less than fifteen handpicked active wild herbs, born in a base of shea butter and six pure vegetable oils, including 80% first cold pressed olive oil. The process of controlled cooking, with ingredients being added at different moments to accomplish the best result, is the real secret.

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar Mini
I received the Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar Mini (30g) in Original, which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The cleansing bar has a really nice and soothing scent, reminiscent of herbs and flowers. To me, it smells faintly of lavender, sandalwood and shea butter, along with other sweet-smelling herbs.

Click for larger image of ingredients list
The cleansing bar can be used just like any other ordinary soap, but for maximum effect, it is best to first moist the bar with some water for 1 minute, then use the resulting jelly-like emulsion to massage into skin and rinse off. As seen in the pictures below, the emulsion looks like clear jelly and has a sticky texture, which you can then lather into soapy foam and use as a facial cleanser, mask or shaving emulsion! :D

Now on to the real test! Here's a pic before I started using the cleansing bar, 4 weeks ago. I generally have pretty good skin, with just some dry patches due to air conditioning and the occasional zit from stress.

Then, about 1 week after I started using the cleansing bar, *le wild pimples appeared*! >__< It definitely wasn't due to stress or oily food, because I was pretty much at home doing nothing getting a well deserved holiday after my internship and eating deliciously healthy home-cooked meals.

OMG The dreaded pimple breakout!
I was told to expect this to happen, as the breakout was due to the toxins being forced out of the layers of our skin in order to renew itself completely. True enough, by the end of the 3rd week...

Yay! No more pimples, and clearer skin too! (^▽^)
As our skin is made up of various layers, it takes 28 days to renew itself completely. That is why we are advised to use Gamila Secret every day for at least four to six weeks to build up a new, healthy skin.

Here are the "after" photos from today (Sunday), just after my morning wash-up routine.

What do you think? Does my skin look clearer now? I think it does, and I can definitely feel an improvement in my skin texture and condition. However, sometimes after washing up, I still feel that my cheeks are slightly dry (probably due to constant A/C exposure), so I have to apply some moisturizer to ease the dryness.

Overall, this is indeed an amazing product, especially for those with problem skin (face, body, arms, legs) or those looking for an all-natural product to care for their skin.

Gamila Secret Original Cleansing Bar Mini (30g) - RM66
Gamila Secret Original Cleansing Bar (115g) full size - RM119

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar and other products can be purchased from Parkson Sunway Pyramid or online at the Gamila Secret Malaysia website. For more info, you can visit the Gamila Secret Malaysia Facebook page.

✓ Pros: One full-sized bar can be used for a long time (the mini can be used for at least 5-6 weeks, made from natural ingredients (no artificial perfumes, preservatives, or colourings), suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin (even babies!), multi-purpose (facial cleanser, mask, body soap, bath soak, shaving emulsion), lovely soothing scent, available in a variety of scents/functions.

✗ Cons: Price is quite expensive, not convenient for travelling, must be used at least 4 weeks continuously for best results, storage can be a hassle as it turns into sticky jelly-like emulsion upon contact with water.

*This item was provided for review purposes without financial compensation. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


little miss smexy said...

Finally your review is up! I love to use it for mask because the instant result is much better :P Your watermark damn chioooo! XD

Unknown said...

Sounds really great! It seems like it did help out :D Loving the hair and nails, by the way!! <3

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: I just use it as facial cleanser coz it stings my eyes if i leave it too long on my face. >_< Thank you, i love the watermark too (even though the wings stick out a bit LOL)

Nancy: It's a really good product! :D Thanks!

Unknown said...

heyyyyy I loved the review! I want to try it out but im alittle scared :/ from the breakouts..because I have combination/oily skin and I frequantly have pimpels and Im scared from what this soap will do to me. and Im not sure witch flavor to get either you think the original one will work for me?