En(reach)ing Lives

♫ J-Min - 일어나 (Stand Up)

Hey peeps! Today I have a short but very sweet and meaningful post to share with you. :)

What is en(reach)ing lives, you ask? Well, it's a blog with a mission to begin, grow, and flow that will touch, change & enrich lives. Hence, with a fistful of determination, a sprinkle of hope, a little wordplay, en(reach)ing lives was born.

The blog and its Facebook page hope to inspire people in their everyday lives, by sharing words of encouragement and inspiration every day. I admit, some of the pictures and quotes are really helpful when they pop up on your news feed in the morning or afternoon, especially when you're feeling a bit under the weather. :)

Besides daily inspirational quotes and images, en(reach)ing lives also has an en(reach)ing jar, where the proceeds of new and pre-loved items will be donated to charity. Do check on their website/Facebook often, as they will have updates on what is available for sale (usually around RM20 for a pair of shoes or a nice bag), and rest assured that the money will be donated for a good cause. :) ♥

As for me, well, I was first introduced to the blog by the founder, Jamie from JamieyWrites, whose blog I occasionally stalk and comment. :P The Johnny Walker cuff bracelet (above) was won from one of en(reach)ing lives Facebook giveaways, and I think it is absolutely gorgeous!

As the Johnny Walker slogan says...
"Keep walking"
...even though the road ahead might be tough or full of uncertainties.

I'm pretty sure en(reach)ing lives would agree. ;)


Unknown said...

very short, but indeed very meaningful post..I've followed their FB! ;D hope that they'll reach out to more people out there..

jamie said...

Congrats again, Laura. Thank you for being a part of en(reach)ing lives... and yes we agree with you: keep walking!

Eunice: Thank you for following us on FB! Welcome on board ;)