Beauty Swap #2

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I did another beauty swap last month with the lovely Sara from Passing Fancy, and honestly, I was super touched and overwhelmed by the contents of the box she sent me! Just take a look at the photo below and you'll know what I mean.

Full of goodies! (Candy, chocolate, letter, individually wrapped items with little notes)
I am seriously amazed at the amount of items that was inside the box. The first thing I saw when I opened it was a letter from Sara. It's so rare to get handwritten letters/notes nowadays that it felt really awesome to open and read one. :D

Besides that, the thing that really got to me was the deliciously sweet scent that hit me when I unwrapped the parcel. At first, I thought the scent was from all the candies and chocolate that was inside the box...

...but turns out this was actually the source! :D A bar of super yummy-smelling soap from Lush! From its appearance, I think it's something like chocolate with chocolate chips? Hahaha! Anyway, it made the entire contents of the box smell amazing! This is my first time seeing/smelling Lush soap bars, so I'm really excited to try it out in the bath.

Lush soap bar! Smells absolutely divine.
All of the items were wrapped individually with little notes attached. It was really fun to read the notes and unwrap the surprise item, hehe~
The little notes for each item! :)
Now let's see what other goodies are in there. ;D

This is probably my favourite item from the swap! :) It's a Catrice Cosmetics nail polish in the shade "Genius In The Bottle", which is a very close dupe of the famous Chanel Peridot. Even in the bottle you can see the amazing colour shift. ♥

Bershka ear studs
This set of ear studs from Bershka are totally cute, and perfect for me! I'm trying to collect more ear studs, because they're more discreet and don't get tangled up in my hair like the dangly earrings, lol. My fave pair would be the keys. ^_^

Lip cream, lipstick and lip balm
I'd been dying to try out matte lip creams ever since I saw reviews of them on blogs, so I was really excited to see the Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream that Sara got for me! There was also a Catrice Ultimate Shine lipstick and Balea Young Lippen Pflege Never Ending Story lip balm. (The name  reminds me of that movie I watched as a kid, haha!)

So far I've only tried the Manhattan Lipcream, and it's great! It's supposed to be as good as (or even better than) the NYX Lip Creams, and after the first try, I can safely say that it's as awesome as she described it! The colour is gorgeous and the scent is nice, like vanilla buttercream icing. :D

Blusher, pigment and holographic nail polish
I also received a Bourjois blush in "Rose", a pot of Essence pigments, and two holographic nail polishes. I have the maroon one (right side) on my nails at the moment, and it shows up as a holographic opaque dusty rose colour on the nails. I can't help staring at the pretty holo effect. XD

Nail files and mask
There were also a couple of cute nail files and a raspberry+vannila scented mask pack. :D

Catrice cream eyeshadow and Maybelline Color Tattoo
Last but not least, there were 2 cream eyeshadow pots! One is the Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow while the other is a Maybelline Color Tattoo. Both are cream eyeshadows, and not available in Malaysia, so I was really happy to receive them. :) The Catrice one is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel's Apparence Illusion d'Ombre Eyeshadow, so I'm eager to try it out!

A bunch of heart-shaped glitter confetti inside the box. XD

Thank you so much, Sara, for sending me so many lovely items in our swap! (*≧▽≦) ♥ I love all the things you sent me, and I really hope you will like the items I sent you too!

P/S: That Duplo chocolate bar is so yummy! It's tastes so much better than Ferrero Rocher; I don't think I can eat another one without comparing it to Duplo now. (ToT)


Unknown said...

The blogger is so prettyyy!! :D and the stuff you got, very awesome!

Anne Lee said...

aw, so many good stuffs in that goodie box. she's so sweet.

Anne Lee said...

btw, checked through sara's blog, she's amazing.

IceCreamBun said...

OMG those earings.... :D

cheryna zamrinor said...

Nice! How I envying you right now, love!!!

feliciacheong said...

Woah! You have a huge amount of collection! Super jealous! :)

Passing Fancy said...

Omg, what a sweet post <3
Thank you! Will definitely blog about your stuff too! You got me really motivated :)

Love all your stuff too!

M.May said...

It's like Christmas came early! =D

I wish Lush would come to Malaysia cause seriously Lush is not one to be missed! When I first walked into a Lush shop, my mind went crazy and it was like heaven! I've shunned Body Shop ever since. XD

♡ M.May

saltvinegar said...

Awww what an awesome awesome swap!! Do a review when u have the time! Especially of the lush soap!!

Joey said...

Great swap!! Omg so many things I like from the package! Duplo really tastes like Ferrero Rocher? That's like my ultimate fav choc, now I need to try Duplo

Those earrings are so pretty and love the nail polishes.

LauraLeia said...

Angeline: Yes, she's really pretty, and her hair is super awesome! :D

Anne: I totally agree with you! ^^

IceCreamBun: They're really cool+cute right?! :D

cHeRyNa: Hehehe thanks~ XD

feliciachong: My collection has expanded thanks to Sara! :D

Sara: Yay! Glad you liked it. Thank you again for all the amazing stuff you sent me! ^^

M.May: Yes, surprise parcels are the best! :D If Lush ever came and opened in Malaysia, I think a lot of people would be converts, haha!!

saltvinegar: I will definitely try to review some of the items from the swap! :D

Joey: Yeah, there are so many things in the box! XD If you're like me and dislike whole nuts, then Duplo will definitely be for you. It's like, the Kinder Bueno version of Ferrero (LOL) without the gooey center. Kind of like Kit Kat + Ferrero + Kinder Bueno, hahaha! The hazelnut taste is very apparent.

Joey said...

Hahaha I was just sitting here thinking about you and Duplo (in a non-creepy way) when I thought "Hey, maybe it's like Kinder Bueno!!" and rushed here to comment only to see your reply hahaha

Isabel said...

so nice! My eyes practically zoomed onto the choco LOL

LauraLeia said...

Joey: LOL!!! It's more like Kit Kat-style Kinder Bueno (if that makes any sense, hahaha)

Isabel: Yummy chocos are irresistible! :P

Unknown said...

wow! Gift box exchange!! super ENVY!! o(≧v≦)o

LauraLeia said...

Jocy: You have to try it sometime! :D It's really fun! ^^