Dip Dye Diaries - Pink and Purple!

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I'd been dyeing (okay, it's not very punny) to have my hair done in crazy colours ever since the ombré and dip dye trend started a few months back, but due to time and work limitations, I had to wait until the end of my internship to have it done. Well, my dip dye wish was granted last week at Hair Now Beauty Centre in Cheras. :D

My hair looked like this before I set out for the saloon. Under bright sunlight it looks like I already have black + dark brown ombré hair wtflol
Original hair colour
 My dad and I spent some time around the area trying to find the saloon, and finally managed to find it after calling to ask for directions. ^^;; I was pleasantly surprised to find that the saloon was very bright and spacious, with a very cozy atmosphere. :)

Upon entering the saloon
Front area
Rows and rows of mirrors and seats
I was kinda undecided about which colour I should pick for my dip dye, but with some help from Florence, the owner and hairstylist, I picked out my 2 favourite colours from the bunch of hair samples. She also advised me on how I wanted the colour to turn out, so I decided to go slightly more "conservative". Well, as conservative as bright pink and purple hair will allow, LOL. You'll see in the photos below.

Hair session start! 

First, my hair was trimmed, and  then bleach was applied to the bottom half of my hair so that the pink and purple would show up nicely later.
Had to do 2 rounds of this 'halo' thing coz my hair was really really dark.
This is what it looks like after 2 rounds of bleach.
x_x Dry ends! What a nightmare. >_<
After applying the pink and purple dye...
Tadaa!! The final look after treatment and styling. (≧∇≦)

By "conservative", Florence told me that she'll only dye the lower layer, so that there would be a layer of darker hair partially covering it. The pink and purple were placed in alternate streaks, with pink being the more prominent colour. Kinda hard to explain, so I guess you'll see it in the diagram below. I know, I have a slight OCD problem. (;一_一)

The colour is so awesome I can't even-
Pink and purple!
The amazing lady, Florence, who made this transformation possible. Thank you! :')

Angeline and I. Her hair is so gorgeous, even after so many times dip dye. (+o+)

I'll end this with a couple more pics. Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed? Yup. (⌒▽⌒)
Srs bsns face ಠ_ಠ
Better? :)
Most of the curls gone by the next day though T_T

Love my dip dye? If you're in the Klang Valley area, you should definitely book an appointment for your own hair makeover! :D

Hair Now Beauty Centre
34, Jalan Manis, 
(same row as Perodua)
Taman Segar, 56100 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-9130 2611
H/P: 013-934 9941 


cheryna zamrinor said...

wowww!!! these are my favourite colours! and surprisingly it doesnt look that purplish or pinkish. It reminds me of anime. Very cute :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Is it expensive? As much as I love ombre dyed hair, I don't think I can have them since my uni has strict rules about coloured hair sobsss plus I'll have posting at hospital too! Your hair really looks nice (:

Unknown said...

My face T-T

Tammy said...

nice!! sien see red everywhere, yours is lovely pink n purple!!!!!!!!!!!!

LauraLeia said...

cHeRyNa: Aww thank you for the compliment! :) I read one of your latest posts about the colour purple too. :D

Hilda: It's about the same as a normal dye job, i think. :) Yeah, these kinda hair styles/colour probably isn't the best for med students, haha. Thank you for the compliment~ ^^

Angeline: You still look good leh! :D

Tammy: Hehehe thanks! I already did red highlights before so now need to try pink and purple (my fave colours XD).

ANGEL (ENJERU) said...

wow...how much did it cost you?? i've been wanting to dip dye my hair but always short on budget. T-T

IceCreamBun said...

(O.o) Wow..

FurFer said...

I love your hair color! I'm so gonna get it at the end of the year xD

Unknown said...

It looks super duper cute!!!! I love it!

LauraLeia said...

ANGEL: It depends on your hair length, so you can ask them for a better quote. :D Mine was about 150+

IceCreamBun: Hehe~ :D

Fer Haru: Thanks! Yup, go try it if u can! XD

Nancy: Thank you~ ^^ I like your dye job too! Can't believe your DIY :O

Camy said...

wow! hot colour!

Unknown said...

May i know if they have the color blue, violet and turqouise when you went there? :)

LauraLeia said...

Admalina: Yes, they do have those colours, but the two I chose were the ones that were the most intensely pigmented/bright. :)