Review: Canmake Brown Eyeliner (Liquid)

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Canmake Brown Eyeliner
If you've read my previous eyeliner reviews, you'll know that I'm a big fan of brown eyeliner. To me, brown eyeliner is not as harsh as black, and gives a softer, more natural look. I received this Canmake Brown Eyeliner in the goodie bag from the Canmake workshop.

Canmake Brown Eyeliner outer packaging
Described as a 'sweet angelic brown'
Canmake products always give me a very pink princessy impression, and this eyeliner did not disappoint. It comes packaged in a pink plastic box with lots of Japanese words, which I unfortunately cannot understand. (^_^;) However, from the description at the bottom and the explanation during the workshop, I gather that this particular eyeliner's brown shade is mixed with a bit of red to give a 'sweet angelic' look, which is perfect for kawaii makeup.

Canmake Brown Eyeliner
The pen-type eyeliner is brown with golden wording and accents. Pretty, effective and convenient.

Felt tip eyeliner
It is a felt tip liquid eyeliner, which is slightly thicker than the brush type eyeliners I use. You can still draw pretty fine lines with it though, as the tip is quite firm and tapers to a point.

Canmake Brown Eyeliner (liquid) swatch
Above is a swatch of the Canmake Brown Eyeliner. As you can see, the brown has a hint of red in it. One swipe yields the result you see above, so it is very pigmented indeed (yay!). It dries to a matte finish.

Here's a comparison swatch:
Canmake is the most vivid and pigmented, while Kiss Me is much darker. Kate is very watery and the least pgimented.
Now for the water test!
I used a wet cotton pad and wiped the swatches twice. Not exactly waterproof. Canmake had the best staying power, followed by Kiss Me and Kate.

Applied as eyeliner
Here's how it looks like when applied on the eyelids. I'd say this eyeliner shade is more suitable for black, brown, grey and green eyes (or contact lenses). I was wearing blue lenses that day, so it didn't look as nice. (¬‿¬;;)

Full (well, almost) face shot
I like how the colour is so pigmented, and dries to matte finish. The firm felt tip also makes it easy to draw flick it at the end for the classic winged look. :)

The eyeliner lasted a good 6 hours on my eyelids without fading or smudging. It even survived a non-air conditioned steamboat dinner, so I daresay the lasting power is pretty amazing. o(≧∇≦o)

Canmake Brown Eyeliner retails at RM46.90 and is available at most SaSa Malaysia outlets. 

✓ Pros: Long lasting, pigmented, smudge-proof, vivid colour, natural brown shade suitable for natural/cute makeup, matte finish (good for oily skin), reasonable price.
✗ Cons: Cannot draw extremely fine lines, not completely waterproof.

*This item was provided by Canmake Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Unknown said...

Brown eyeliner makes a softer look :)

and Black eyeliner makes more fierce look :P

That eyeliner looks pigmented :)

Camy said...

brown eyeliner looks more natural! :D

Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

Not bad.. I quite like this brown shade.. Love the fact that its like a felt tip shape but yet able to draw fine lines :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

I've never really try brown eyeliner, maybe I should :D The colour is quite natural too compared to Kate's and Kiss Me's.

Eatlovemerry said...

Thanks for sharing:)

MissLaven said...

I like the pigmentation of this eyeliner. Heard a lot about canmake products. I should try them sometime...

LauraLeia said...

Angeline: Yup, I like to switch up my eyeliners on alternate occasions or according to mood. XD This one is really quite pigmented, and the colour is pretty unique too. :)

HerYuan: Yesh it does! :3

Angie: The colour is indeed quite unique. :D The felt tip is okay, but you can't draw super fine lines like brush types.

Hilda: You should definitely try brown eyeliner!! :D The colour is actually a bit more red than usual brown eyeliners. I find that the Kiss Me brown matches my eyes better. =X

Ben: Thanks for dropping by! ^^

Fraulein: It's really pigmented! :D All Canmake products are so cute, it makes you want to get all of them >_<