Zouk Cafe Bar and Austin Chase @ The Gardens

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Lately, many group buy websites have been cropping up in Malaysia, and they seem to be a big hit with online shoppers and bargain hunters everywhere. I have bought some of these 'deals' from a couple of these sites, and I have to say that so far they have not disappointed me.

Last Sunday, my brother and I went to The Gardens to have lunch at Zouk Cafe Bar. He'd bought a coupon from MilkADeal and it was the last day to redeem it, so we set out around 11am to try and beat the car park jam. (Procrastination, tsktsk.)

Since his meal was already paid for, I browsed the menu and decided on chicken lasagna. A few minutes later, the waiter came back and told me it wasn't available that day because their oven was rosak (spoilt). -__-" So I changed my order to a Caesar salad.

Indoor alfresco dining area. (iPads everywhere wtf. Spot two in the photo.)

Zouk Cafe Bar is located on the ground floor of The Gardens, right next to the Midvalley-The Gardens link entrance. They have two dining sections: the open-air area outside next to the fountain, and the indoor dining area.

Beef burger with fries and salad.
Bro opted for the Zouk Cafe Bar Burger and free flow soft drink from his coupon. You can choose either beef or chicken patty for the burger. The burger wasn't very big, but it was good enough for a lunch meal. They were quite generous with the fries (I nabbed some, muahahaha!) and the salad looked okay. The white pieces you see are onions, not the usual cabbage.

Caesar salad with grilled chicken.
My Caesar salad with grilled chicken. This was surprisingly tasty! Fresh vegetables, crispy beef bacon, grated cheese, tender grilled chicken, eggs and the rich mayo dressing combined to make it a light yet filling meal. The garlic bread was just so-so, because it wasn't warm or crispy when the salad arrived. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every bite of this. =)

After lunch, we went up to Austin Chase to redeem my Groupon. To me, Groupon is one of the best and most reliable group buy websites, having bought several different ones from them.

Summer drinks from Austin Chase

The Groupon had stated that I could choose any one from these three choices, but when I got there they told me that the Espresso Chip Frappe was not available that day. Not being a huge fan of strawberry or guava, I choose the other frappe.

Strawberry Mocha Cookie Frappe with whipped cream
I'm glad I chose the Strawberry Mocha Cookie Frappe, if only for the crispy crunchy cookie bits in it, haha! Except for it being slightly too sweet for my tastebuds, I must say that it is a nice blend of mocha and strawberry. Extra points for whipped cream and cookie bits, of course. :P

Have you tried any of the two F&B places above? If so, share with me your thoughts and experiences too! :)


Charmaine Pua said...

I was there last Saturday and had Espresso Chip Frappe!! :p

LauraLeia said...

How was it? :D Another girl was also redeeming drinks using the same voucher when I was there, lol. XD

Thristhan.com said...

I've passed by this cafe everything I head to G6, but never really had the chance to chill there. The Caesar salad with grilled chicken looks delicious.

LauraLeia said...

It is delicious! :) Maybe you can stop by there one of these days, haha.
Thanks for dropping by, Thristhan!

Tai Synrol said...

look delicious!!yummy~!!^^